Immediately Editable Screenshots for Ubuntu

Destan Sarpkaya
Jun 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Updated on December 2020

As I told in my previous post you can configure gnome-screenshot to use with custom keyboard shortcut however if you are looking for a complete alternative for Windows’ snipping tool with built-in editing just after a screenshot then you need Shutter .

For console savvy users:
$ snap install shutter

If you don’t have snap then go with the traditional way:
$ sudo apt install shutter

For console phobics:

For a complete Windows Snipping Tool Alternative in Ubuntu we will make a simple configuration:

Step 1: Configure shutter to open screenshots with built-in editor so it automatically opens after a screenshot.

Shutter menu bar -> Edit -> Preferences (Alt+P) -> Actions
Shutter menu bar -> Edit -> Preferences (Alt+P) -> Behavior

Step 2: Configure a keyboard shortcut

System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts

Command: shutter -s --disable_systray

…and you are done!


Hit your shortcut then screen goes semi-dark and you can select an area on the screen.

Note that different than gnome-screenshot you can resize selected area after drawing it. You need to hit enter to finalize screenshot.

Then edit your screenshot…

Edit and then save it.
Press Ctrl+C in this screen then your edited screenshot is in the clipboard

Your edited screenshot is in the clipboard!


Fix for Edit Button is Disabled in Shutter on Ubuntu 18.04

Kod Gemisi

Kod Gemisi