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Mi Casa Su Casa in Telegram

Remember the day when WhatsApp announced its new regulations? It seems that many WhatsApp users start to put bigger concern on their privacy and safety in using the messenger app since then. In Indonesia itself, WhatsApp has the largest number of users among the other messenger apps. Since the issue has risen, a lot of people started to use Signal — especially after Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal” — or even Telegram. This time we will see how Telegram provides more features to improve users’ daily activities and feel more comfortable so they would feel at home…

As a starter, Telegram offers a more personalized appearance setting.

Screenshot of Appearance Settings in Telegram

When you click Settings and go to Appearance, you can pick your desired Color Theme. Telegram has Classic, Day, Night, and Tinted Night. The Classic setting’s color is similar to WhatsApp’s Light Mode. As for the Day theme, the iMessage’s users will be familiar with the white and blue color. Meanwhile the Night and Tinted Night theme has the look of Twitter’s Lights Out and Dim theme. What differs between the two? The background color of the Night theme is black and the chat bubble color is dark grey and grey. Yet the Tinted Night theme is a little lighter with dark blue as the background and the chat bubble color is more blue-ish.

If you don’t feel that none of those four themes matches your soul, worry not because you can express your creativity in choosing the color by clicking the color choices underneath the theme list. You can set the color for each part all up to you; accent, background, and messages. The accent color is for the names and the play button in the Voice Note message. The background part lets you choose the background color, the pattern with its intensity and motion as well. And for the Messages, you can be creative with the bubble chat color on your screen.

Moving on to the next part, it is Chat Background. Telegram provides you various interesting pictures of nature or pattern design. You can personalize further by choosing whether you want it to be blurred or motioned.

The stuff is getting more interesting, you don’t have to worry about being dazzled because you use the Classic or Day theme because Telegram has the feature of Auto-Night Mode that can be set according to schedule or automatically. The Scheduled setting requires your updated location because your Classic or Day theme will change into Night or Tinted Night theme (up to your preference) when the sun sets or rises in your local area. It’s cool, right?

Telegram may offer the adjustable text size just like the other apps, but what about the Message Corners? Telegram lets you adjust if your bubble chat will be square-ish or round-ish in five ranges. It doesn’t stop here, you can also pick your preferable blue or black App Icon in six varieties. And if you think that stickers animation is just too much on your screen, you can turn it off along with the Large Emoji so you won’t see only one emoji taking a big part of your chat screen.

Let’s dive deeper, what are Telegram features that can be very helpful?

  1. Saved Messages
    Have you ever make a group chat that its member is yourself only? I’ve been there, done that. Well, now I don’t need to make one because I have the Saved Messages feature on Telegram. It lets you send any text or file draft that can be my personal notes or can be sent in the future to a real person. The Saved Messages' appearance is the same as the regular chat room, but this time it is only me who sends and receives the message.
  2. Chat Folders
    It helps you to arrange chats and types of chats that will appear or will not appear in the folder. You can insert chat from several chat rooms in one folder based on your preferred categories.
  3. Privacy and Security
    You can secure your app by turning on the Passcode so people can’t access your app easily. Plus, it is important to set an additional password in Two-Step Verification to secure your account.
    Throw your worry away about receiving calls from unknown accounts because Telegram lets you choose who can and can’t call you. Not only calls but also who can see your phone number, see your last seen & online status, see your profile photo, send you forwarded messages, and can add you to group & channels.
    You can choose when Telegram can delete your account, all messages, and contacts if you’re not online whether for a month, three months, six months, or a year.

And those are Telegram features that can be interesting for us to personalize so we will feel at home while using the app. Let us know which features that you will use!

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