Meeting our members Tour 2017:

Dijon, Petit Théâtre Ombrateke.

After visiting our members in Paris, we’ve been in Dijon, the eastern-France capital of the Côte-d’Or and Bourgogne and UNESCO World Heritage Site , also famous because of its delicious mustard.

The car’s cd-player was broken which even Federico’s genius mind couldn’t fix, but Gioele (from DOC Servizi) generously provided us with a fantastic usb key with 27 tracks on it, six of which different versions of “Personal Jesus” from Depeche Mode, spread over a 2600 km journey meant one track every hundred km, not bad!

Surrounded only by ice and snow.

Coffee break along the road, still dark, snow, and Rigoletto, staring at us “Courtiers, vile damned race!”

Early in the morning we arrived in town, too early for our guest, who was likely sleeping off last night’s party. We waited at a typical boulangerie in the city center for it to open, longing for a warm sweet croissant.

We were tired, really tired, and it was cold, really cold.

A couple of hours later we were finally able to reach Vincenzo, our KOEN member in Dijon, founder and director of the Petit Theatre Ombrateke, in the historical city center, hidden between tall medieval walls and a sea of churches and other religious buildings.

The band “Eugenio in Via Di Gioia” on-air on Radio CultureS Dijon.

The Petit Théâtre Ombrateke is a small theater born out of a ancient basement, with thick brick walls and a wooden stage.
Vincenzo organizes different kinds of events here, from live music to theater and book readings. With him, as assistant and co-worker, Andrea Guidotti.
They both work together at Radio CultureS Dijon, where they host a radio show dedicated to Italian culture, called “Il fuoco d’Italia” (the fire of Italy).
They also organize an important festival called “ITALIART&Festival”, giving Italian artists of various disciplines, from all around Europe, the opportunity to perform and show their work to french audiences.

After an amazing lunch that Monique (Vincenzo’s girlfriend) made for us, we went to the theater to check our supplier’s equipment.
Like CIAOGNARI in Paris, we delivered two RCF EVOX8 and one RCF L-PAD16 USB Mixer, in addition to Eko and Shure’s instrumentation.

Time is flying, we have to leave, just in time for a quick look around the centre, and another long trip is going to begin.
Next stop Berlin, in the northeastern Germany, surrounded by forest and frozen hills, close, really close to Russia, and from the breeze we feel, it’s not going to be a warm journey.