KeeepOn European Network — Meeting our members Tour 2017

The upcoming year has been one of adventure and adversity, a year of unlocking doors otherwise unopened, a year of finding a shape in a cloud without it changing.

This year KOEN ventures into Europe, unlocking the doors of opportunity. This New Year KOEN decided to take a trip to meet, and know, everything the company has always believed in. Italians living abroad, “fled ears” that can not renounce their support of good Italian music, seeking to make it known to an international audience, against, above all, all stereotypes and prejudices.

The focus is to create, manage and propose live music event step by step, not only to satisfy the perspective of human cultural sharing, with its wonderful experiences, but also what building, organizing and working for an event means, the main concern ongoing stimulant issues for those who manage an event. Live club Managers and Artistic Directors may be able to help with this, as has been the case in Italy for decades.

We of KeepOn Live are well versed with regard to these issues, and through our experiences, we want to help Italians abroad reconcile and resolve them step by step;introducing Europe to a world of talent in Italy, difficult to reach because of stereotypes, like “Italian music is Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini because that’s what I get at the Pizzeria da Vincenzo”.

We want more for this industry, and we want people who want more to make it happen.

KeepOn European Network is supported by key brands in live music panorama: Shure, Eko instruments and RCF.

We are glad to deliver some amplifiers and mixers from RCF after last years support by Shure and Eko, delivering microphones and semi-acoustic guitars to members of the network. I’m Umberto, by the way, a KOEN coordinator, part of the KeepOn Live team that is working on the growth of this project, and I’m going taking this journey with a friend of mine, Federico.

Federico along the road in Germany. Yeah, was cold, really cold out there.

We worked together six years ago managing a live club in Magenta, Lombardia, our first connection with the KeepOn live initiative.
Federico is a really precise sound engineer, he is a research scientist and aeronautical engineer with passion for music, a “stage macGyver”, able to solve intricate frequencies in a calm and relaxed manner whilst others admire his talents in awe.In that precise moment, in his mind, he’s calculating the percentage of incidence of a seagull farting on a helicopter blade at 2572 meters carrying a load of vertical tanks half full of water,with crosswind.I’m happy he’s with me, and not only because I don’t have a drivers license but also because I can count on his technical support, calibrating to perfection the instruments our partners are providing.

The great DOC van, carrying our partners instruments.

We will stop in some of the most beautiful center-nord European cities: Berlin, Paris, Frankfort, Bruxelles, Dijon, just to name a few. We have been following, in part, the KeepOn tour sponsored band Eugenio in Via Di Gioia, which has won the Best Revelation LiveParade 2015 price.

A 3600 km trip in the middle of winter, January to be precise. Enduring the cold physically,emotionally supported by interesting and suggestive landscapes, never ending German highways, faces, eyes, experiences.

I won’t let my emotions get in the way for long, but we thought it important to share some of the other aspects of having a journey like this, covering long distances, with short stops.

Short of a basic sense of description, mental regression, communication, delirium, stupidity, a complete anthropological study, but we won’t show you everything, no, not everything, we want to preserve a bit integrity along the way.