KeepOn European Network: Wale Café, Berlin.

KeepOn European Network is always looking for new destinations, venues that allow Italian independent artists with vibrant musical expression to share their music and perform in front of different audience.

We are needlessly searching for that unforgettable experience, providing an opportunity for Italians living in other European cities to enjoy live music and different cultures, sharing Italian culture and expression through unique sounds and expressionism.

KOEN does this because we are passionate about it and the natural KeepOn predisposition is to support those venues, like in Italy, creating awareness and connections with bands through simple management and bookings, and, when possible, technical support for their events. Through a systematic approach to band management and logistical support, KeepOn’s goal is to set the platform on which to inspire bands for the best possible performance and improvement.

In Germany it could be quite cold! Indeed, it looks like the ice is climbing the trees to get back to the clouds, for a break.

After meeting our friends in France, and after a long journey across Germany, surrounded by white landscapes and infinite highways, we finally reached our next destination, Berlin.
This journey, long and arduous, makes one appreciate the size and depths of Europe, an alternative way to see a diverse continent at its core, changing in an ever changing world.

Our appointment is in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, where after so many “strasse” and finding a place to park the van, we meet Mattia, founder of the Wale Café.

Workshops, book lectures, film forums, art expositions and live music, with a chance to enjoy a good espresso, nice beer selection, Italian wines and good sandwiches, for who’s who are hungry, not only of art and culture.

Like Mattia with Wale Cafe in Berlin, there are several cities in Europe where other Italians are building and working to share what our music can give.
Our journey is about to continue, never give up, despite the long distances, tiredness, and the opposing head winds!

Frankfurt is our next destination, a quick jump into one of the new Financial centers of Europe, before turning to the North Sea, to Brussels.

Stay tuned!