KOEN European Tour: BLINDUR Live Revelation from KeepOn Live Parade 2016

For the upcoming spring season KOEN is promoting one of the top ranking bands Revelation 2016, Blindur, from the KeepOn Live Parade voted by venues and festivals’ artistic directors.

This past year we organized a European tournee for the band “Eugenio in Via Di Gioia”, winner of the Live Parade 2015, with a beautiful trip across France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
The new band is going to follow the same route, for five intense days around central and northern Europe.

Blindur is an Italian music duo formed by the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Massimo De Vita and the multi-instrumentalist Michelangelo Bencivenga in the spring of 2014.

Massimo and Michelangelo (photo: Luigi Reccia)

The duo’s sound is inspired by folk and post-rock atmospherics, there sound echoing from the meadows of Dublin to the barren landscapes that surround Reykjavik. The name, an Icelandic word, is a symbol of their unprecedented passion for Northern Europe, presented through the band’s work.

This tournee will involve some of the venues in our European Network, starting from Dijon, on April 25th, Paris on 26th, Brussels on 27th (playing at the UNESCO Jazz Festival), then onto The Hague, performing on the north sea, and finally , ending in Berlin, on April 29th.

During the organization of this tournee we spent some time with Massimo, Lead vocalist for the band, and we asked him a few questions. This was the perfect opportunity for him to present his band, and to talk with him about the upcoming European adventure.

KOEN- Hi Massimo, how are you? How is it going with your music?
Massimo - So fine thanks! it’s a very crazy and beautiful moment!
- A question that does not always find an answer, and should not always find one, is how would you define Blindur’s music?
- Blindur’s music starts absolutely from the folk universe, but it is polluted by the rock, punk, electro, post rock, and the songwriting world. At least maybe the most honest thing that i can say about it is that blindur’s music is pop, because of the dots is the songs, you can change the sound, but not the nature and the roots. This is my technical answer… but if i must answer with the heart, I can say that Blindur’s music is travel music!
- As you know, in 2016 you were included in the rankings for the best artist for the Live Keepon Parade in the Revelations category, a ranking made possible thanks to the votes of the artistic directors working in Italy collaborating with Keepon Live. What do you think about live music scene in Italy?
- The music situation is very strange in Italy. we have many many bands and artists that are incredible, but unfortunately it’s very hard to come out from the shadows zone. At the same time, I can say that we have a band that plays very strong music and i think that they could compete on an international stage without problems. there is just one problem… too many tribute bands! We are going through hard times for original music, but i love to say “it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll”!
- And what about the clubs that are proposing independent music?
- Fortunately there are many amazing venues, very professional and ready to promote music. Also, the smallest venues always do their best for our music.
- Tips for music to listen to?
- Italians? Bruno Bavota, the Zen Circus, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, il Disordine delle cose, Brunori sas, Malmö.
- At Revelation Live 2016, KeepOn Live will bring you to play your music in some of the venues part of its European Network, from Dijon to Paris, and then Brussels, The Hague and Berlin, what did you think when you got this news?
- I really love to play out of Italy, it’s one of my favorite things, and i think that i could not receive a better prize! very very happy indeed!
- What experiences have you had outside Italy?
- With Blindur i have played many times in Europe, France, Germany, Belgium, my beloved Ireland, and also in an amazing festival called “body and soul.” I have also performed in Iceland for “Sofar Sound” and during the 2016 Icelandic air waves festival (maybe the most important experience out from Italy), where my love of Icelandic folk first came to life.
Massimo performing at SofarSound in Reykjavic
- You will not be alone during this adventure, who is coming with you?
- Micki, the other half of Blindur will not be with me this time, so i will travel with other 3 friends of ours that usually travel with Blindur when we are in tour. One of them is Daniele Ruotolo, the singer and guitarist of Malmö, the other one is Joseph “p.o.p.p.o.”, but the most important person who will be with me this time is Carla, my girlfriend, an amazing fiddle player and she often joins us, especially on tours out of Italy.
- Returning to a previous question, which international musician or independent bands do you like, performers who have inspired you?
- There are many many artists and bands that i love, Bon Hiver, of Monsters and Man, Damien Rice, Great lake swimmers, Gregory Isakov, Sigur Ros, but in this moment i am really interested in the Icelandic scene, and Olof Arnalds and Mr. Silla are two of my favorites now.
- The European adventure is close by, but this is not the only event you have have this month, right? Where will we listen to you this spring in Italy?
- The Blindur Italian tour has been very crazy. We started from the very north and will finish in Sicily, so really there are many chances to catch Blindur around, and from the second half of may we will start touring the festivals. All the news will be available on our Facebook page.
- Massimo, thank you for your time. It’s been a pleasure talking to you!
- Thanks, merci, danke, gracias to you! look forward to seeing you in Europe!!!!

And so do we, look forward for this journey, in Dijon at Petit Théâtre Ombrateke, Paris at CIAOGNARI Enoteca Italiana, Bruxelles during the UNESCO International Jazz Days festival, The Hague, at Patagonia Beach club, and Berlin at Wale Cafe, where you all are welcome join us for an amazing experience with Blindur’s sounds.