Meeting our members Tour 2017: Paris, CIAOGNARI Enoteca Italiana.

We’ll start telling you about one of the places that gave life to this project, inspiring it.

In this place, Mirko and Roberta, a beautiful couple, opened a small gastronomic wine shop, 5 years ago, sharing their love for cooking, Italian products, and music, organizing small events with great musicians, where music lovers and fans can find something different to share their passion.

We are in Paris, Belleville neighbourhood, with long and narrow streets, busy with traffic that turns you up and down.

Here is our first stop, at CIAOGNARI Italian wine shop.

Cristiano Godano (Marlene Kuntz), one of the many great Italian artists that performed by CIAOGNARI in Paris, during these years. (photo: Mirko Bosio)

We arrive late evening, welcomed with open arms with delicious homemade lasagna that Roberta kindly prepared for us after arriving hungry and disoriented. We head to the hotel to rest ahead of the next day, with the delivery of the instrumentation, and departure to the next destination.

We pretend to take some rest, despite the measures of the French beds, where it’s supposed that two men respectively of 1,78 and 1,80 cm tall should be able to sleep easily on a bed designed for hobbits.

And, last but not least, Federico snores, a lot!!

In the morning, after a nice breakfast in a brasserie close by, we deliver two RCF EVOX5’s for Mirko, a big help from our partner, that will allow CIAOGNARI the convenience of not renting one every time they perform.

Bianco and Niccolò Fabi, performing at CIAOGNARI. (photo: Mirko Bosio)

For the same reasons, helping and supporting them, in the past year Shure and Eko had already delivered microphones and a beautiful semi-acoustic guitar.

We leave for the next destination in the afternoon, accompanied by a nice gift from Mirko and Roberta: some bottles of artisan Italian beer they sell at the shop.

Another long trip is waiting for us, one more relaxed and familiar, and we try to pass the time as well as we can. We are human, after all, don’t judge us for that.

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