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It’s Time to Turn on the KogeFarm Afterburners with Marketing

Ashly Mchatton — KogeFarm Marketing Director

Marketing experts say you can have the greatest product in the world but if no one knows about it, it means nothing. And they’re right. It’s time we make a bigger splash to let the world know how awesome KogeFarm is.

KogeFarm and KogeCoin was built by engineers who... let’s say are wholeheartedly not into marketing. Engineers can build a great product and if the product is good enough, a community will naturally form around it. This is KogeFarm.

Although we have a Twitter account, a YouTube channel and have participated in various AMAs, we haven’t done enough to get the word out about KogeFarm. That’s going to change soon. It’s time to bring in the big guns.

How? By opening up the marketing wallet and hiring a top notch marketing guru with over a decade of experience and a long-time KogeCoin holder and crypto enthusiast as our first marketing director, Ashley Mchatton!

Ashly’s already been hard at it for a couple of weeks now and has presented her marketing vision, strategy and how we’re going to get there. Let’s just say we lowly engineers are not worthy!

KogeFarm engineers when a marketing pro comes around

We are beyond thrilled to get someone with Ashly’s caliber onboard in a purposeful marketing role to help keep us all in line.

We’ve been growing slowly since inception with engines at max capacity. I can’t wait to see what KogeFarm can do once we flip on the marketing afterburners.




KogeCoin and KogeFarm consists of the Koge ecosystem. We focus on security, community, and education all while offering the lowest fees around with our auto-compounding vaults wringing out as much yield as possible from your liquidity provider (LP) tokens!

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