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KogeCoin Whitelisted on QuickSwap!

Effective 07/28/21, KogeCoin is now whitelisted on QuickSwap!

This act of trust from QuickSwap is a welcome recognition of our hard work in building a lowest fee (by far) yield optimizer on Polygon over at KogeFarm.io. It also gives KogeCoin hodlers more rewards in the QuickSwap KOGE-MATIC liquidity pool!

What does this mean for our hodlers?

QuickSwap’s whitelisting of KogeCoin brings our hodlers a few key benefits.

  1. QuickSwap’s stamp of approval — You now have a little more peace of mind investing with KogeCoin. This act of trust by QuickSwap only solidifies our commitment to providing a first-class token to the crypto community.
  2. QUICK rewards for LP providers — On top of the typical trading fees, all LP providers in the QuickSwap KOGE-MATIC LP will receive a percentage of two QUICK tokens per day! Disclaimer: Currently, to receive your share of the QUICK rewards, you must stake your LP tokens directly on QuickSwap. You should compare APRs between the Koge-Matic farm at kogefarm.io/farms and the one offered by QuickSwap to decide where to stake.
  3. No more searching for the KogeCoin contract address — To purchase KogeCoin, you no longer have to go searching for our contract address and wonder if you’re purchasing the right coin. You can simply search for KogeCoin on QuickSwap, and know you’re buying the official KogeCoin token.
No need to input the contract address to buy KogeCoins
  1. No more unnecessary trust confirmation — You will also no longer have to confirm our token as arbitrary in the QuickSwap interface, saving you a few clicks when purchasing KogeCoin.
No more arbitrary token confirmation

What does this mean for KogeCoin?

From a development and community perspective, nothing will change. We still plan on bringing you a transparent and secure development process, more high-yield vaults via KogeFarm at (by far) the lowest fees, and continuing to build a thriving community.

Why is this a big deal?

QuickSwap is one to the largest decentralized exchanges (DeXs) on the Polygon blockchain. Unlike many other tokens, they’re putting their trust in KogeCoin. Whitelisting by QuickSwap is a recognition of our community that we’ve been striving for.

How can I buy KogeCoin?

To purchase KogeCoin and support our ongoing development and community efforts:

  1. Head over to QuickSwap.
  2. Click on Swap in the upper navigation bar.
  3. Provide the token to swap From.
  4. Search for KogeCoin for the token to swap To.
  5. Click Swap.

We thank QuickSwap for this hat tip and will continue to build a DeFi token for the people, by the people!

About KogeCoin: KogeCoin is a deflationary token built on the Polygon blockchain. It is part of the larger Koge ecosystem including KogeFarm, the auto-compounding yield optimizer which touts the lowest fees on the market focused on high yield APR vaults. Learn more about KogeCoin at kogecoin.io or find a high-APR vault at kogefarm.io.



KogeCoin and KogeFarm consists of the Koge ecosystem. We focus on security, community, and education all while offering the lowest fees around with our auto-compounding vaults wringing out as much yield as possible from your liquidity provider (LP) tokens!

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