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KogeFarm + Fantom = More Yield

Courtesy of fantom.foundation

DeFi farming yield opportunities are everywhere. Juicy yields don’t discriminate by chain. We’ll always follow the yield regardless of the chain to provide our users with the best and most diverse farming opportunities. So we’re excited to roll out Fantom vaults!

We added Fantom support and created our first Fantom vault a few weeks ago and since then we’re already up to 29 vaults and growing. We now have a wide array of options to choose from across platforms such as TombFinance, Geist, Beethoven-X, SpookySwap and SpiritSwap.

Since launching on Fantom, we now have $8.8M in TVL!

Regardless if you’re a DeFi beginner or hardened degen, you’re bound to find some great yield options in our growing list of Fantom vaults.

KogeFarm Fantom vaults

Come, connect your Fantom wallet to KogeFarm and start taking advantage of our farming opportunities across Fantom!



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