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KogeFarm has partnered with ImmuneFi to further protect user funds!

KogeFarm’ contracts have been used in production since May 2021 and have been audited twice, so we generally consider them as being pretty secure. When it comes to security, though, we want to take every measure available to us and not cut any corners.

And that’s why the KogeFarm team has partnered with ImmuneFi by offering a $25k bounty for white hat hackers who can find security vulnerabilities. The bounty has been funded by the team’s personal savings. Details of the bounty can be found here: https://www.immunefi.com/bounty/kogefarm.

This partnership will provide an additional layer of protection for our users as white hat hackers will have a means of getting compensation from the team for detecting vulnerabilities, rather than running into the legal risk involved with taking user funds. It will also make KogeFarm more appealing to mainstream users for whom security is of the utmost importance.



KogeCoin and KogeFarm consists of the Koge ecosystem. We focus on security, community, and education all while offering the lowest fees around with our auto-compounding vaults wringing out as much yield as possible from your liquidity provider (LP) tokens!

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