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KogeFarm’s Secret Sauce and Why No One Competes

KogeCoin to the moon!

KogeFarm is primary a yield optimizer and aggregator. We bring together many different yield farms in one platform and automate reward harvesting for you. Is this a unique business model? Nope. We have many other competitors in the market.

With so many different competitors, what makes KogeFarm unique? Why would you choose to deposit your hard-earned funds into KogeFarm vs. a more prominent player like Beefy or Autofarm, where you could see similar results?

The KogeFarm advantage comes down to a simple, high-yield, and community-driven approach. Let’s dig deeper.

Loooooooooow Fees

First and foremost, KogeFarm has the lowest fees you’ll find anywhere. We take a standard 1% cut of the rewards you make from tokens staked in our vaults. That’s it. We have no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees, or any other hidden “performance fees.” A flat 1% is what you’re charged across all vaults with no strings attached.

Unlike our competitors, we keep it simple, which take much more significant fees, and attempt to make up for it by giving you other tokens.

Because our competitors take a higher fee, they must emit enough tokens to offset that fee. We don’t have to do that.

What You Deposit is What You Get Back

We like to keep things simple. Rather than giving you a potentially worthless farm token back, we simply reward you in kind. When you deposit an LP token or single-asset token in our vaults, we will always give you back more of what you put in.

We believe that you should keep the value you put in. There’s no sense in trying to influence your decision to buy our native token, KogeCoin. We would love for you to but we believe KogeFarm should simply provide value back in kind.

No Minting Tokens to Boost Rewards

Because of our low fees and thin profit margins, we don’t have to mint a new supply of our native token, KogeCoin. In that, we were at that the maximum supply the day we launched!

Unlike our competitors that provide their reward tokens as a form of value, we don’t have to. We don’t have to engage in what some people call “ponzinomics,” where only the early farmers make out with treasure while the native token is riding high and the latecomers are left empty-handed.

Farm Tokens that Actually Have Value

KogeCoin is the native token of KogeFarm. We believe KogeCoin should be a long-term store of value. That’s why we designed it with a maximum supply of only 50M and are continually burning as much as we can.

We specifically designed the token to be deflationary to coax the price to rise. Currently, ALL of the farm profits go back into the value of our native token. Starting in May 2022, 5% profits will be reserved for continued development costs, but the other 95%? It all goes back into the token. So essentially, our KogeCoin holders own KogeFarm in the most direct way possible. KogeFarm gives KogeCoin its value.

The Most Yield. Period.

Our vaults, like our competitors, periodically harvest your rewards from the source farm and then auto-compound that reward back into the farm automatically. We compound all of our vaults at twenty-minute intervals. What does this mean? The most yield possible.

Check out our article on APR/APY if you’re not familiar with the magic of auto-compounding.

A side effect of the most yield possible is automation. If you deposit your funds into our vaults, there’s no need to constantly harvest the reward tokens, figure out how much is 50%, swap the reward token for 50% token A and 50% token B, and then provide the liquidity.

KogeFarm automates every harvesting and depositing step for you, so you don’t have to spend an hour or more of your day every day, harvesting and reinvesting funds back into the farm. And since we are doing all those steps for you, you don’t even have to pay gas fees. Even when the network gets congested, we pay all your gas fees for compounding.

Withdraw at Any time

Time locks? No way! You’re free to deposit and withdraw any time you’d like. Forcing you into a situation where you must decide that may negatively affect your yield isn’t something we want.

We believe that you know your yield-farming strategy better than us, and we’re not here to force you into anything. Some of our competitors force you into a three-month time lock on half of your earnings. It isn’t a real return if you can’t spend it today.

KogeFarm Investors are Owners

We pride ourselves on our community and believe our success isn’t just because of the KogeFarm team but also our community. From the start, we designed KogeCoin to be a token of ownership in KogeFarm.

With the KogeCoin token, you can participate in our DAO votes influencing the direction of the project. Once our held KogeCoin tokens run out around May 2022, KogeCoin holders will receive a percentage of all KogeFarm profits!

Lightning Fast Support and Friendly Community

Through our community channels, we’re known for our customer support. We usually have someone in our Telegram or Discord channels 24 hours/day to help answer any questions you have. It would also be improbable to go 24 hours without a response in our subReddit or on Twitter too!

Why KogeFarm?

As you can see, KogeFarm’s secret sauce isn’t secret. We aim to provide a transparent service built to the best of our abilities with the community. Want to know who is currently working on building KogeFarm’s future? Check out our team member article here.

We believe if you build a product that benefits everyone and not just a few holding the keys, democracy will prevail.

If “a rising tide lifts all boats” then get in your boat and enjoy the rising yield on KogeFarm!




KogeCoin and KogeFarm consists of the Koge ecosystem. We focus on security, community, and education all while offering the lowest fees around with our auto-compounding vaults wringing out as much yield as possible from your liquidity provider (LP) tokens!

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