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MoonRiver, here we come!

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

The time has come to spread our wings and fly. Since May 2021, we’ve been on the Polygon network and have been slowly growing but it’s time to think bigger. As the lowest-fee yield aggregator on Polygon, the team and the DAO decided it was time to offer our services on other chains.

On Sept 27, our DAO voted for the new Kusama parachain MoonRiver and that’s exactly what we did!

Why MoonRiver?

Out of all of the choices out there, why did we pick MoonRiver?

  1. Fast-growing — Only a few weeks ago, MoonRiver had $20M in TVL. Today, they have ~$130M in yield farming alone! $90M at SolarBeam and $42M at MoonFarm with Sushi not far behind.
  2. First mover advantage — MoonRiver does not currently have any established auto-compounding yield optimizers. KogeFarm will be the first established platform coming from another chain to the platform.
  3. Future integration with the Polkadot ecosystem — MoonRiver is a blockchain on Kusama, Polkadot’s canary network. Once KogeFarm begins to support MoonRiver vaults and eventually a KogeCoin token on MoonRiver, we’ll be in a natural position to also launch on MoonBeam or Polkadot.
  4. Cheap gas fees — KogeFarm incurs significant gas fees when you combine all of our five-min intervals vaults; this is a big reason we launched on Polygon. MoonRiver, like Polygon, has extremely cheap gas fees allowing an auto-compounding service like ours to be sustainable.
  5. EVM Compatible — All of our vaults are Ethereum-based. Since MoonRiver’s chain uses the EVM, we’re able to seamlessly deploy our contracts without much change in our development approach.

Our Plan Going Forward

To fully integrate KogeFarm/KogeCoin into the MoonRiver ecosystem, we plan to launch in MoonRiver in two different ways:

  1. By introducing low-fee auto-compounding support for the most popular MoonRiver farms.
  2. By bridging KOGECOIN over to MoonRiver.

Starting today, you can stake many stable coins in our vaults producing 100% APY for stable coins! You can also bridge KOGECOIN directly over to MoonRiver via AnySwap.

How do I get MOVR?

If you’re going to interact with KogeFarm MoonRiver vaults, you need some of MoonRiver’s native token MOVR. You’ll need a little MOVR once you bridge some tokens over to swap them.

Learn how to bridge tokens from Polygon to MoonRiver via RelayChain or AnySwap.

You can get a little MOVR from the SolarBeam Faucet for gas fees.



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