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New Maintainer for KogeFarm!

This is a bittersweet moment for us original maintainers of KogeFarm. Fourteen months ago, KogeFarm was founded on a mission of bringing ultra low cost and non-custodial yield optimization services to the masses:

  • Low cost, because we were disgusted by the fact that our competitors had service fees that simply didn’t make sense. Deposit/withdrawal fees were rampant, and performance fees were incredibly disproportionate to gas costs. We had a vision of enabling ultra low cost yield farming for the masses.

However, it became clear that more resources were needed for Koge to reach its full potential. KogeFarm has a great mission and a great community, but the original development team simply could not commit as much time to it as it deserves, and so we were the weakest link in the enterprise. Getting a more professional team to maintain KogeFarm would be a win for all.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Saffron.Finance has agreed to take over as the new KogeFarm maintainers. We have agreed to serve as consultants if needed, but they will take full responsibility for developing KogeFarm and for maintaining the KogeCoin website + socials.

Some details about Saffron.Finance (https://saffron.finance/):

  1. Six (!) full time developers,

With such resources back it, Koge now has a much brighter and more certain future.

The Saffron.Finance team has committed to being governed by our DAO, with token vesting/KogeFarm profit distribution unchanged. They will simply takeover the maintainer role of the original team.

We are beyond excited for the next chapter of Koge! 🚀



KogeCoin and KogeFarm consists of the Koge ecosystem. We focus on security, community, and education all while offering the lowest fees around with our auto-compounding vaults wringing out as much yield as possible from your liquidity provider (LP) tokens!

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