Koin 0.8.2 — Improvements, Bugfixes and crash fix

Arnaud Giuliani
Feb 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi Koin users :) We begin this month of February with some cool improvements and bug fixes thanks to your feedback. At the agenda of this last release: core fixes, android-architecture and spark feature upgrades!

compile "org.koin:koin-android-architecture:0.8.2"

In koin-android-architecture you can now easily setup your ViewModel in your Activity or Fragment in a lazy manner with “by getViewModel()” :

ViewModel lazy declaration

This declaration style allows you to easily share your ViewModel between Activity and Fragment:

ViewModel sharing

Be default, ViewModel declared in Fragment will try to reuse one from parent Activity.

The module uses now the android.arch.lifecycle:extensions in version 1.1.0

compile "org.koin:koin-spark:0.8.2"

In the `koin-spark` module, we have merged the start() function with Koin start. Now we have a more compact syntax:

Spark and Koin now merged in start

The stop() function also include the closeKoin().

Under the hood, the koin-core module has been fixed for several issues :

The website reference documentation has been completed. Check it here https://insert-koin.io/docs/1.0/reference/

The last news updates are also available from our website: https://insert-koin.io/docs/1.0/updates/

I’m currently writing an Android developer guide to help you daily develop with Koin (recipes, strategies, architecture guides …).

Thanks for your feedback and help :) Hope you’ll enjoy this release!

Stay tuned 👍

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