Koin 0.9.2 — Maintenance fixes, new branding, roadmap for 1.0.0 & some other nice announces

Arnaud Giuliani
Apr 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello Koin users! Here is our last fix for the 0.9.x branch. Thank you for your feedback and contributions. For today some big news: new branding logo, roadmap for the Koin 1.0.0 and other good surprises!

You can update your Gradle files with new 0.9.2 version:

compile "org.koin:koin-core:0.9.2"compile "org.koin:koin-android:0.9.2"compile "org.koin:koin-android-architecture:0.9.2"...

Some fixes

As announced before, this release is mostly a maintenance version. Here you can found issues related to this version (Restricted property loading, StrictMode fix…).

In branch 0.9.x, we added the dynamic parameters. Writing it with default parameters everywhere made our API a bit overwhelming. Then we decided to separate “old” get() and inject() functions, from API with dynamic parameters. It will be easy when autocompleting get/inject functions, to choose the right API.

The startKoin function has also been reviewed to allow more control on properties load and fix steps in startup processing.

We also fix a problem from our Ktor sample application which was misconfigured with autoreload and watch.

Roadmap for Koin 1.0.0 — First Stable 🎯

9 month ago we started writing a new Kotlin dependency injection library. We’ve written Koin to satisfy our needs: we wanted a simple and easy to understand Kotlin DI framework. Our idea was to start from developers real needs and not from the dependency injection theory. We want developers to understand and use Koin in few minutes.

This last weekend, Koin Github project has reached 1000 stars 👍 That’s great!

We are now targeting our first stable version with Koin 1.0.0. We will expose the entire roadmap on Github next week. Stay tuned!

New branding

As you may have seen, we have updated our branding from the “arcade” style banner to a more catchy branding koin graphics. The https://insert-koin.io/ website has been reviewed for our new branding style. Hope you like our new style with our koin logo 😊

Koin @ AndroidMakers Paris 🇫🇷

Are you in Paris next week? Want to try Koin? Come at “Hands-on Android Architecture & Architecture Components” session! This is a workshop on Android Architectures and Architecture Components. And we will show how to write smart MVVM app with Koin.

We will also distribute free Koin cheat sheet. And for those who can’t be in Paris, we will put it online in next week ;)

Professional Support Services

At ekito, we are using Koin since more than one year on a dozen of apps without any issue in term of expressivity or performances. Those days, we are working on big apps with white label strategies, multiple Android modules and hundreds of Koin definitions … and there is no problem with that :)

If you need some consulting or professional support onsite (or remote), don’t hesitate to contact us with on our new “support & services” page.

Thank you for believing in Koin. Next step: Koin 1.0.0 🚀


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