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On the road to Koin 1.0.0

Arnaud Giuliani
May 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi Koin users ! Here we are … The roadmap for the first stable version of Koin has been launched (Github issue can be found here). Some serious topics in the pipe, plus things to polish to get it all right. Before getting into the details, let see some cool stuff from last week 🙂

Koin cheat sheet

Here below you will find a Koin cheat sheet for Android developers. Its has been made by ekito and distributed at AndroidMakers some days ago. Here is the digital version:

Our last article

We were at AndroidMakers with Laurent BARESSE for our “Android Architecture & Architecture Components workshop”. It was an excellent occasion to make people test Koin and get their feedbacks 😉

The article below is about Room components testing with Koin and how it is natural to reuse Koin DI in AndroidTest classes:

Roadmap for the 1.0.0

One of the most important thing to prepare for the first stable release is documentation. We have decided to migrate all doc to AsciiDoc format, and bring back documentation into each project sources. It will be help better contribution and keep things in their projects. Pdf/Html generation will be added in our Koin website.

Toolchain automation is another hot topics. Even if we have scripts to help rebuild/test very quickly anything, we have to automate it on cloud stuff. It will help automate documentation generation.

On features side, we thinking about rewording/renaming DSL and scope/context concepts to something more simple to understand. API will be adapted for such update.

And also important features such as: Java tools to help onboard Koin with Java projects. Eager tag in modules, to create bean instances at startup…

Target agenda? September 2018 🎯


We are also opened to contributions. We are tagging Github issues to help us (and you) understand the status of current development. If you have any bug or feature proposal, don’t hesitate. Check also the “need contributor” or “status:open-to-contribution” tags to come contribute 👍

Any Feedback? A story to tell about Koin?

Don’t hesitate to tell us about your feedback or other story about Koin.

Koin developers

Latest news about Koin

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