A present from the future for this Diwali

Introducing Koinex Diwali Gift Cards

#GiftTheFuture to your loved ones this Diwali

This Diwali gift in style! The festival of light is approaching and everyone is excited to celebrate this auspicious occasion with their family and friends. Gifts are an integral part of any festivity in our vibrant country and that gets us all scratching our heads as to what we can do to make our gifts special. Gold and Silver coins, dry fruits and sweets are gifts that we exchange every year, but this year you will have the opportunity to gift your loved ones something that is both extremely valuable and useful. We are delighted to introduce an array of amazing Diwali Gift Cards!

We know you love digital currencies and that you would love to spread the joy of investing and trading in digital assets by introducing your near and dear ones to the future of wealth and money. With Koinex Diwali Gift Cards, you are just one step away from doing that!

How do I send the Diwali Gift Cards?

Just follow the steps given below and introduce your family and friends to the world of digital currencies.

  1. Visit Koinex Diwali Gift Cards page.
  2. Sign In/Sign Up to access your wallet. Please note that for new users, KYC is mandatory for sending a gift card.
  3. Select the coin/token/asset and the amount that you wish to share. You can choose from your existing wallet balance or buy new coins/tokens/assets.
  4. Enter the details of the recipient and share the Diwali Gift Card. Tokens will be debited from your wallet and held in a secure escrow with Koinex until redeemed.
  5. The recipient will get your Gift Card and the details of how to redeem via email. You can track the status of redemption in your Gift Card Accounts section. Upon successful redemption, the recipient will get the tokens in their Koinex wallet.

How do I redeem the Diwali Gift Cards?

After receiving the Gift Card, the process of redeeming is fairly simple. Just follow the steps given below.

1. Click on Redeem Card button on your Gift Card email. You will be taken to Koinex Diwali Gift Card Redeem Section.

2. You will be prompted to Sign In/Sign Up. Once that is done, enter the voucher code received on your email and click on Redeem.

3. You will get an OTP on your email and phone number added by the sender. Enter the OTP and the tokens will be credited to your Koinex wallet.

Important points to note for a smooth experience with Diwali Gift Cards

1. You can send Gift Cards to both the existing users of Koinex or to someone who is new. The process to redeem is very simple, and a new user would be able to get their tokens without any hiccup.

2. KYC verification is not necessary for someone to redeem their Gift Card, however they will need to sign up to create wallets for getting the tokens credited. To use (trade/withdraw) these tokens, KYC verification will be necessary.

3. Be careful while entering the recipient’s email ID and phone number, as the voucher code and OTP to redeem the Gift Card will be sent on the same email ID and phone number. There is an option to edit the email ID and phone number in manage your cards section, however, please note that the edits will only be possible to make before the Gift Card is redeemed.

4. You can delete the Gift Card you have shared from the ‘Manage Your Cards’ section before it is redeemed, and your tokens will be credited back to your wallet from the secure escrow.

Are you excited to #GiftTheFuture to your loved ones?
Indeed a present for your loved ones directly from the future on this Diwali! Visit Koinex Diwali Gift Cards page now and create your first Gift Card. Surprise your family and friends, share the love for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and let’s welcome them to the future of wealth and money together. Koinex wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!