#LetsTradeCrypto just got better

Introducing the much awaited Koinex Referral Program

We launched India’s most advanced digital assets exchange Koinex on August 25, 2017 as the first multi-currency exchange of its kind. We just completed our two months, and oh, what a journey it has been. But what made this journey a ride of delights, amazement and surprises in the first place?


And what will make this journey better from here?

Your friends.

Introducing Koin Referrals

Over the short course of 2 months of Koinex’s existence, innumerable users on uncountable occasions have asked us about the release of a referral program. First of all, we are sad that you had to wait this long. Second of all, we are happy that there is no more waiting. Introducing Koin Referrals — Koinex’s referral program!

Koinex launched with a sincere vision of building India’s very own, very fresh, very wide crypto trading community. All of our decisions, steps and announcements have been directed, in some or the other way, towards building this community and achieving the underlying goal of providing the most trustworthy, secure and stable digital assets trading platform. The success of a thriving trading market is largely measured with the activity of its community. The buzz in our Telegram channels, on our Facebook page, on our Twitter handle and responses on our blogs clearly indicates a beautiful community that’s under construction.

Details of Koin Referrals

We know that the fun of trading in the hottest assets today lies in getting on board your friends, family and colleagues to taste the wild side of this new revolution, made possible only with blockchain technology. And because Koinex is a completely transparent peer-to-peer trading platform.

Starting 02.00 AM on October 27, 2017, every user on Koinex will find a unique referral link allotted to them. This unique link (or URL) can be shared easily across any medium — email, instant message, SMS, WhatsApp, blogs, YouTube videos, Quora answers, Facebook posts and more. Anyone in your circle who finds this link (then finds Koinex interesting enough to sign up) and uses this link to become a Koinex user will ensure guaranteed rewards for you and them.

A successful referral means the person referred needs to sign up, complete KYC verification and perform at least one successful trade on Koinex. For every successful referral, the referrer receives a cash reward of INR 100 and the one who is referred receives a cash reward of INR 50 directly into the INR wallets. For example, 10 successful referrals will earn you a cash reward of INR 1000 — nothing hidden, straight INR 1000 bonus.

Making #LetsTradeCrypto better

With the release of Koin Referrals, we urge our wonderful users to take this opportunity to invite more and more people to join the community. Help India build its own thriving trading market, while earning on the way! Help your favourite digital assets trading platform Koinex in making #LetsTradeCrypto better and more fun for everyone.

The much awaited Koinex Referral Program will go live on October 27, 2017 at 02.00 AM. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to the breathtaking world of cryptocurrencies and tokens.