Pulse — An open source browser extension for EOS blockchain

Your gateway to BUIDL!

Pulse is the second product of our Delta framework, it is innovated by our research and development wing for the headway to start the decentralized revolution in India. This product is developer centric and is built on our core interest — blockchain.

To give an analogy for blockchain with the real world — nodes are people, consensus mechanisms are the resources and decentralization is humanity. The entire system coordinates to make ends meet and any discord leads to a different dimension or rather a fork. The uber cool aspect of this technology is how it can be integrated into any framework and still manage to evolve the conventional systems. Keeping in mind the essence of the blockchain, its decentralized nature and how there’s a need for advancement to innovate, we are introducing Pulse — an open source browser extension for the EOS blockchain. Available on Chrome and Brave Browsers!

In this era of industrial evolution, the gig economy has empowered contributors from all over the globe to be a part of sublime open sourced projects. With freelancers, independent contractors and individual philanthropists entering the blockchain space there are higher chances of collaborative developments in DLTs. To aid developers in this blockchain trail we created an extension wallet based on the EOS blockchain with an open source code for all developers to Explore, Experiment and Excel.

The Exploration

The limitations prevailing in the existing extensions in the market pushed us to innovate the spectacular. With Ethereum starting off as the sole DApp BUIDLing platform and Tron foundation taking over its DApp count in 2019; we believe the next game-changer in the industry is EOS with its visible potential to disrupt the norms.

EOS uses the delegated proof-of-stake [DPOS] consensus mechanism to scale their network. Their methodology of scaling makes transactions faster while it also speeds-up the block creation without risking the ‘decentralized incentivization’ strategy; evidently, this uplifts its reliability. Considering EOS blockchain processes approx. 4000 transactions per second [TPS] while Ethereum processes 15 TPS, it has been stated as the ‘Ethereum Killer’ in the market. As Pulse provides a gateway to interact with this disruptive technology, it is the sole go-to app for all EOS DPOS based solutions!

The Experimentation

With multinational companies exploring blockchain for finance, agriculture, banking and more; the demand for people who are familiar with this space is increasing. There’s a void of experts and need for consultants. To experiment, practice and gain insights into the space we kept Pulse open sourced.

What makes Pulse kickass:-

Multiple Accounts: The extension provides the creation of multiple accounts and can be used to transact all EOS based tokens. One can create infinite accounts on Pulse and collectively see all the transactions of the added accounts.

Customised Network/Tokens: In addition to the EOS Mainnet, you can add multiple Testnet to explore the spectrums of the EOS blockchain. One can even create customised cryptographic tokens using DApps as well as send/receive EOS based tokens from wallets and exchanges globally.

Decentralised applications: DApps usually have open source code as it runs on a peer-to-peer [P2P] network of computers rather than a mainframe. DApps are similar to the traditional web application, just instead of an API connecting to a database, a smart contract connects to the EOS blockchain. One can integrate any DApp on Pulse and even create personalised digital assets. Additionally, all smart contract actions can be pushed seamlessly through Pulse.

Delegation: EOS blockchain runs on three resources: CPU, NET and RAM. On Pulse, you can delegate your CPU and NET to stake your EOS tokens on the blockchain. To gain access to EOS’s resources a user needs to stake tokens for CPU and NET or by purchasing RAM through the RAM market. Staking also acts as the best defence for the security of tokens. If a third party tries to tamper it will most likely fail as EOS follows the 3-day staking/unstaking rule.

Security: We have zero custody of your information on Pulse including your password and token details. Although the source code is available for everyone, the encryption algorithms keeps every users’ data private. Also by enabling ‘Private mode’ one denies third-party DApps to access any data on Pulse. While the private mode is enabled, no DApp integration is possible. In order to integrate any DApp private mode needs to be disabled first.

Pulse is built for developers and simplified for the non-techies. Anyone can contribute to the Pulse source code or even create multiple extensions on top of it. Our open repository on GitHub even allows developers to create similar DApps such as Pulse!

The Excellence

Experimenting with Pulse gives developers the chance to excel on various spectrums of this decentralized technology:

  • Pulse allows EOS DApps to run in the browser without running a full EOS node, which helps a developer to interact with the EOS blockchain.
  • One will also be able to learn how to enhance user experience while designing customised DApps.
  • After coding, designing, debugging and deploying a customized DApp on EOS blockchain, one can even integrate Pulse for signing transactions.

Developers seek to facilitate cohesion with projects in the blockchain space and Pulse plays an integral role in connecting them. Through Pulse, one can innovate decentralized — exchanges, gaming & networking applications without having to start the code from scratch. Pulse is built with simplicity to give developers access to the infrastructure to build on top of the EOS blockchain.

Our Research and Development wing at Bangalore is continuously exploring the horizons of blockchain technology for the advancement of tech and mass adoption of DLTs in India. Pulse is a stepping stone in our journey of decentralization. It is currently in its BETA version and we are constantly working on making it better. We invite every blockchain enthusiast to collaborate and help us to develop more blockchain-based applications.

“We always wanted to contribute in web3.0 ecosystem and there is nothing better than contributing by building an open source fundamental infrastructure level tool like Pulse. We believe that 1000s of developers who are excited to build for the new internet will find Pulse useful, it is our way of showing gratitude for the heroes who lay the foundation of the modern Internet.”
— Rakesh Yadav, CTO at Koinex
You can also check out our GitHub page for Pulse, feel free to drop queries for the same. We will be releasing an article from our engineering team for developers wherein we will take a deeper dive into Pulse for developers.