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A Prayer for Contentment

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Lord, we come to this Thanksgiving week weary.
2020 has complicated our lives.
Few things have come smoothly or simply.
Yet, we find ourselves focusing our attention on gratitude.

Our everyday routines have shifted in this season.
Our search for normalcy has narrowed in several ways.
Our patience has waned.
Our anxiety and exhaustion have risen.
Our plans for the holidays have changed.

When so much seems taken away, teach us contentment.
Let us not dismiss the difficulty nor wear rose-covered glasses.
Bringing beauty from ashes still remembers the ashes.
We ask for contentment to give us the reality — the good and the bad.
Walk us into this Thanksgiving week with hope.

Remind us of contentment this week.
You offer contentment through the good news of the gospel.
You invite us into contentment with who You have created us to become.
Like Paul in Philippians, even in the worst of situations, You give us all we need.
Show us the power of a moment today — not running to the future or remaining too nostalgic of the past.
Teach us contentment.
Let us thank You for what You have given us today.

Lord, we focus our attention on contentment.
You have watched over us more than we can ever know.
You have given us more grace than we can ever deserve.
You have calmed more storms than we can ever realize.
Today, we rest in You.


Originally published at https://peterenglert.com.

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Peter Englert

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