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A Prayer for Election Day 2020

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Today, we thank You for election day.
You have given us the opportunity to vote.
We do not take our responsibility lightly as image-bearers.

Remind us of Your second greatest commandment — to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Let us love our Trump-voting neighbor.
Let us love our Biden-voting neighbor.
Let us love our third-party voting neighbor.
Your love for us implores us to live with the values of citizenship of heaven.

Beyond the results of the election, we realize the real work ahead of us.
May our ethic of life inside and outside the womb be consistent with the Sermon on the Mount.
Reconcile our divisions with the justice, righteousness, and grace of the gospel.
Give us patience for the necessary and difficult conversations with the people with whom we disagree.
Let us serve one another with the lavish generosity You have given to us.

I lift up our brothers and sisters who feel hopeless and disenfranchised.
May we live with a sensitivity to Your Spirit to listen before speaking.
We confess trusting our caricatures of others rather than getting to know people outside our circles.

We acknowledge the worry, fear, and frustration of this day.
Help us to have healthy boundaries with our news consumption.
Remind us of the tasks You have given us this day.
May we be present for others who need to know someone is there.

Remind us of the good news of the gospel today.
You alone are our hope.
You died on a cross to bring us near and resurrected to offer us new life.
Prompt us to pray.
Halt us before we may do something we would regret.
Teach us to see this day in the proper light of eternity.


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Peter Englert


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