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A Prayer for Our Enemies

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Lord, we live so divided from the people with whom we disagree.
Our polarization has separated us even more.
Only You can heal us. Only You can bring true reconciliation.

You call us to pray for our enemies because…
The assumptions we make of others don’t tell the whole truth.
We need You to shine a light on our blind spots.
The gospel reminds us that we have received what we could never deserve.

You call us to love our enemies because…
You have created every person in Your image.
You have loved us when we were Your enemies.
You brought us near when You could have left us far away.

Help us to choose a better way forward.
May the words of our mouth and meditations of our hearts be pleasing to you.
May we speak the truth with grace so that people may receive it.
May our gentle answers turn away anger.
Slow us down in prayer for others to respond as You would.

Today, we ask You to bless our enemies.
Change our hearts to love those with whom we vehemently don’t see eye to eye.
Let us see others as You do.
We pray this to the One who loved us even when we were enemies of You.


Originally published at https://peterenglert.com.

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Peter Englert

Peter Englert

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