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A Prayer on Advent 2020

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Today marks the first Sunday of Advent.
We anticipate with the hope of the celebration of Christmas.
A dark cloud has covered this year.
So, Lord, we find ourselves waiting in more ways than we could ever imagine.

Hundreds of years spanned between the Old and New Testament.
I wonder how many doubted if a Messiah would ever come.
They watched, waited, and kept living.
We want to believe your promises and trust Your timing.
The world around operates in chaos.
Like our brothers and sisters between the Testaments, we look for You.

Give us eyes to see You in this season.
Focus our minds towards the grace all around us.
Shift our hope off of things that will not bring joy.
In the waiting, You remove the things that bound us.
You offer the words that give us life.

Amid our doubt, anxiety, fear, and cynicism — we look to You this Advent.
Slow our hearts and souls down to experience Your presence.
Let us see our neighbors in light of the gospel.
In a year with some much loss, let us hold grief and hope in light of Your truth.
We need Advent more than ever.

On this first Sunday of Advent, redirect our attention as You did on that first Christmas.
We confess our lack of perspective and vision.
You came in a way that no one expected, and to people that no one would have chosen except You.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.


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