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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.
Note from the editor

Koinonia /ˌkoinəˈnēə/ is a Greek word that means Christian fellowship, sharing, partnership, and community. We wish to partner with Christians in sharing the Good News.

Go to the profile of Kimberley Payne
Kimberley Payne
Author. Jesus Lover. Oma. Exercise & healthy eating are to the body what prayer & Bible study are to the spirit. https://www.kimberleypayne.com/free-programs
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Janis Cox
Creativity Spiritual Catalyst. Author and Illustrator. Christ Follower. FB group for artists and writers. Free Bible Art Course. https://linktr.ee/janis_cox
Go to the profile of Bett Harris
Bett Harris
Previously a nurse, massage therapist, and educator. Now retired. Jesus lover. I write sometimes. It soothes my soul. https://wellness2go.blog/
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Mary Hood
Hi, I am Mary. Born Again Christian. I love to study scripture. I am finding my voice and sharing what I learn. http://mehflowers.Wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Sue-ellen Howe
Sue-ellen Howe
I love life, love people, and Love God. My motto has been if it’s not fun I don’t do it. I am extremely creative. I love to write as the words drop in my spirit
Go to the profile of Salau Shina Samuel
Salau Shina Samuel
Gospel minister • Song writer • Hymnist • Research fellow • Writer • Lover of Nature🌴
Go to the profile of Noemi McElearney
Noemi McElearney
Wife, mother, lifestyle blogger. Writing what I feel and what I love! Sharing my journey along the way. www.mrsplanahead.com
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Go to the profile of Marye Sierra Moir
Marye Sierra Moir
Christian Resources, Blogger… closet SciFi reader!
Go to the profile of Jack Heimbigner
Jack Heimbigner
Amazon Best Selling Author, Featured on NBC News, Coach of Life, Productivity, and Medium. Get my personal productivity tools: https://bit.ly/2IC91vm
Go to the profile of Ida Adams
Ida Adams
Writer/Dreamer. Not of this world. Just passing through. Lover of All Creatures Great and Small. .Unapologetic Christian.
Go to the profile of Connie Mae Inglis
Connie Mae Inglis
Mother of 3; grandmother of 3; Bible translator in Southeast Asia, Editor, Painter, Forever student. www.conniemaeinglis.com
Go to the profile of Barbara Radisavljevic
Barbara Radisavljevic
Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 54 years. Central Coast of California. https://barbrad.com
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Go to the profile of Dr. Kevin Osborne Psy.D., D.Sc., D.D.
Dr. Kevin Osborne Psy.D., D.Sc., D.D.
I’m a therapist, chaplain, writer, poet, singer. I help people in their inner healing journey. Writer for Publishous, Koinonia, a Few Words, Hopes and Dreams
Go to the profile of Callie Quinones
Callie Quinones
A twenty-something creator with a passion for family, faith, adventure, and art
Go to the profile of Karen Toews
Karen Toews
Enthusiastic coach for vibrant inspired living. Energized by family. nature. food. hiking. writing. God’s beloved-in-progress. https://karentoews.com/free-gifts
Go to the profile of Steph Beth Nickel
Steph Beth Nickel
Author. Blogger. Contributor to HopeStreamRadio. Freelance editor. Seeks to Nurture and Inspire.
Go to the profile of Bett Harris
Bett Harris
Previously a nurse, massage therapist, and educator. Now retired. Jesus lover. I write sometimes. It soothes my soul. https://wellness2go.blog/
Go to the profile of Writing River
Writing River
Loved by the Father. Resting in my Saviour. Carried by rivers of His Spirit. Your inspired word through poetry: Get your gift here: http://bitly.ws/3PuQ
Go to the profile of Kristen Power
Kristen Power
Creative urban missionary & mama bear. Daughter of the King, lover of words, people, music and mountains. Work in progress.
Go to the profile of Helen Olivier
Helen Olivier
An ordinary women called by an extraordinary God to spread His love and write when the Spirit moves my heart.
Go to the profile of M.M. O'Keefe
M.M. O'Keefe
I write about faith, fathers, sports, history & getting fired at age 50. I coach mid-life professionals bold enough to remake themselves. See FiredUP50.com.
Go to the profile of Violet Escalera
Violet Escalera
I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. I am a Christian and my husband is my best friend. Our adventures began at marriage. I love poetry and creative writing!
Go to the profile of Ruth Ann Holloway-Adams
Ruth Ann Holloway-Adams
Mother of five. High school teacher. Writer. Passionate about encouraging others and sharing God’s love. Blog site: 5 X Mama, ruthannadams.com.
Go to the profile of Marcia Laycock
Marcia Laycock
Finding the extraordinary in an ordinary life. Pastor’s wife (newly retired), mom to 3 girIs. Also have 12 books available on Amazon. www.marcialeelaycock.com
Go to the profile of Jessica Archuleta
Jessica Archuleta
❤ Lover of words, beauty, & culture| Passionate about justice, cooking, teaching my kids, & time with my husband| Hispanic woman| Deeply spiritual & religious ❤
Go to the profile of Gloria Lynn
Gloria Lynn
Writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry & memoir
Go to the profile of Phyllis Romero
Phyllis Romero
Freelance Writer, Armchair Psychologist, Inspirational Thinker, 50-something author of an upcoming inspirational novel, nature lover, people lover.
Go to the profile of Diane Tatum
Diane Tatum
Christian Writer, adjunct English prof, wife, mom, Gmama, Greyhound & Jack Russell Mom. ChurchYouth worker/teacher. 5+ novels, ACFW,WordWeaver, John 3:16author
Go to the profile of Andrew Garofalo
Andrew Garofalo
Reading, thinking, and writing…about stories that occupy our culture in books, TV, movies, and other media.
Go to the profile of Donnell King
Donnell King
Communication nerd. Student of life who has repeated some grades. Christ follower. New content via https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingsCornerReaders/.
Go to the profile of Ron Mahler
Ron Mahler
Award-winning Author/Writer. Preacher at Large. Christian Chaplain. Podcast Producer with Hope Stream Radio. Musician. http://www.myfanaticalbook.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Jim Wolstenholm
Jim Wolstenholm
35 years of leadership experience. A lifetime of following Jesus! Lots more help for your walk with Jesus at https://jimthefollower.com
Go to the profile of Ally Holland
Ally Holland
Go to the profile of Aletia Xerri
Aletia Xerri
Canadian in Rome + Mom of Boys + Homeschooler + Writer + Missionary + Recovering Perfectionist + Beloved https://aletiaxerri.com/blog/
Go to the profile of Glen Mitchell
Glen Mitchell
Writing about leadership, family and theology. Occasionally all three at once.
Go to the profile of Jacqueline Fazal
Jacqueline Fazal
Mother. Writer. Bibliophile. Blog: https://patiencesadia.wordpress.com.
Go to the profile of Corinne Mordaunt
Corinne Mordaunt
Sharing faith through the arts.
Go to the profile of Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper
Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper
Believer, Writer, Teacher, Dreamer. Real talk about real life. Find me at https://medium.com/middle-ground and https://earlgreyandyellow.com/
Go to the profile of Ed Elliott
Ed Elliott
author, conference speaker itinerate/missionary who travels the world sharing truths about God’s love. Helping people experience God’s love personally.
Go to the profile of Tiala Kichu
Tiala Kichu
A wife, mother and a servant of God. Pastoring women in a small Church. Loves preaching, an admirer of writers and dreaming of writing a book someday.
Go to the profile of Carole Tansley
Carole Tansley
Professor Emeritus in organizational behaviour. Doctoral supervisor. Autoethnographer. Epiphany Collector. Micro-memoirist. Journal Whisperer.
Go to the profile of Lin Cochran Burgin
Lin Cochran Burgin
Lifelong researcher, I’m fascinated with God and by discoveries between the mind/brain connection, numbers, and biblical mysteries. I think, therefore I write.
Go to the profile of Mary Gallagher
Mary Gallagher
I love the slow life, contemplation, creative expression, all things literacy. Faith writer and lover of all creatures. https://simplelifesimplefaith.com
Go to the profile of Trip Kimball
Trip Kimball
Blessed with a great wife & family, called & gifted—only because of God's grace— to teach & train leaders, disciple, & write—www.word-strong.com
Go to the profile of Susan Elizabeth Henson
Susan Elizabeth Henson
Survivor, Writer, Animal Rescuer, Believer
Go to the profile of Nancy Varner
Nancy Varner
Born and raised in Chas, SC, I have been a pastor’s wife for over eight years. My desire is sharing God’s love through testimony & stories of my bread ministry
Go to the profile of Brandon Abbott
Brandon Abbott
Brandon Abbott is a minister in Nashville, TN where he lives with his wife and three children.
Go to the profile of Valentine Nnebe
Valentine Nnebe
I‘m unduly attached to a confident pen. I feel its slender pipe, drain its ink, grove on its strokes then praise the results. The unnatural life of a writer.
Go to the profile of Linda Fode
Linda Fode
Writer,content creator,mentor and motivational speaker. Inspiring others to have a real relationship with God in their everyday lives.
Go to the profile of Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips
Christ-follower, writer, Horn player, curmudgeon-in-training. Recovering hypocrite. http://www.spaulphil.com/
Go to the profile of Gordon Mc Farland
Gordon Mc Farland
Over educated Hill Jack sharing thoughts and opinions on whatever comes to mind.
Go to the profile of Linda Jo Martin
Linda Jo Martin
I create art and have a Booktube YouTube channel. I blog at http://lindajomartin.com and I wrote a novel: River Girl. I seek a life of love and adventure.
Go to the profile of Colin Pearce
Colin Pearce
My best testimonial: After a story session, a 3rd grader wrote this: ‘My little brother thought you were well worth the $2 ticket.’ http://www.colinpearce.com
Go to the profile of Mishael Witty
Mishael Witty
Committed to making something beautiful out of the broken pieces.
Go to the profile of Christina Ward 🌼
Christina Ward 🌼
:::i paint with words::: accomplished poet, advocate for a healthy relationships with nature, with oneself, and with others.
Go to the profile of Debby Curreen
Debby Curreen
New Zealand writer, Christian. I love beaches, reading, writing, cooking, family, God & coffee. Buy me a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/debbycurreen — thank you.
Go to the profile of Cynthia Johnson, DMin
Cynthia Johnson, DMin
🌱Growing in Grace and Peace. Writing about Christian Living and Spiritual Growth
Go to the profile of Diane Stephenson
Diane Stephenson
I’m a retired graphic artist turned author and loving it. My writing is based on my faith in Jesus, and my desire is that others are touched by it.
Go to the profile of Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison B.Ed. is a published author, storyteller, speaker and youth writing coach who lives in Saskatoon. She is a wife, mother and grandmother.
Go to the profile of Amanda Balkema
Amanda Balkema
A lover of the Jesus, ocean, books, and all things coffee and chocolate. Passionate about helping people with their life and relationships!
Go to the profile of Amanda Dzimianski
Amanda Dzimianski
Christ-follower. Grateful wife. Overwhelmed mom. Writer. Box-breaker. Learner. Listener. Recovering Pharisee.
Go to the profile of John Thomas
John Thomas
Reader I Writer I Thinker I Words at The American Conservative, The Federalist, and Christianity Today. I write at medium.com/soli-deo-gloria.
Go to the profile of Mukti Masih
Mukti Masih
Among India’s Top 10 Content Writers |Chai-fanatic | Christ-follower | Desi | Central Perker | Thrive Global Contributor | Do visit me https://muktimasih.com/
Go to the profile of Leona J. Atkinson
Leona J. Atkinson
Inspirational Writer, Poet, Artist. https://leonajatkinson.com Follow Me on Instagram-Facebook-Twitter @LeonasLines and @LeonasDesigns
Go to the profile of Corey Howse
Corey Howse
Husband, Father, Writer, School Teacher, Pastor.
Go to the profile of Gregory Alan
Gregory Alan
Gregory’s interests are personal growth, Christianity, fitness, politics, history and hiking.
Go to the profile of Samita Mistry 🇨🇦😊
Samita Mistry 🇨🇦😊
❤️ Jesus. Speak, breathe and ❤️ personal development and self improvement, Financial Literacy Campaigner
Go to the profile of Jeff Titterington
Jeff Titterington
Christian-on-a-journey | husband, father, grandfather
Go to the profile of Ryan Fan
Ryan Fan
Teacher, Christian, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire,” God’s gift to the Earth and the best show of all time. Emory University grad.
Go to the profile of Connie Gibson
Go to the profile of Darren T.A.
Darren T.A.
Inner-life advocate | Spiritual Director | Writer, Editor and Poet | www.darrentatherton.com
Go to the profile of Pamela J. Nikodem, MS
Pamela J. Nikodem, MS
Engaging readers with a sense of purpose and hope. Developing a Helping Mindset, While encouraging others on the journey of life. Writer, Reader, Dreamer.
Go to the profile of Jocelyn Soriano
Jocelyn Soriano
Self-Help Author, Poet & Inspirer! Lives in two worlds,loves with one heart. amazon.com/author/jocelynsoriano
Go to the profile of Linda Todd
Linda Todd
Writing about life lessons, personal growth, spirituality, happiness, success, finance. I love reading other people’s work — lifechatsabout-lifethings.com
Go to the profile of Bill DuBay Jr. ⚡️
Bill DuBay Jr. ⚡️
Writes with a hint of serious, a smidge of funny and a side of magical twists. 📫 Can I send you one story a week? http://eepurl.com/gl33-1
Go to the profile of Thomas E. McDaniels
Thomas E. McDaniels
Aspiring writer and the guy behind thomasmcdaniels.com. Former writer for ChurchLeaders.com and currently write OP-Eds for Fox News. I truly enjoy Medium.com
Go to the profile of Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher
Australian writer focusing on words, language, communication, faith, illness, pain, humans; patreon.com/PaulGallagherRatedPG
Go to the profile of Lindy Pegler
Lindy Pegler
A high school teacher for years, I have Masters Degree in Psychology. My heart is the bush and the beach. I love writing and sharing my ideas on doing life.
Go to the profile of AllisonMCosta
Speak all the words of this Life ♡
Go to the profile of Nicole Robinson
Nicole Robinson
Writer, Thinker, Tortilla Chip Enthusiast. https://twitter.com/NicoleIsWriting
Go to the profile of Anna DeFreitas, MD
Anna DeFreitas, MD
Medical doctor, specialist in Health Law, published writer and researcher, with works on Medicine, Law, Neuroscience, Bioethics, and Philosophy.
Go to the profile of Marlie Love Life Coaching, LLC
Marlie Love Life Coaching, LLC
Marlie Love is a life coach who helps people embrace their worth and step into their life purpose, by unleashing their hidden potential.
Go to the profile of Christine Kuang
Christine Kuang
Christian. Data Scientist in the Silicon Valley. See www.theimmeasurablymore.com for more stories. Connect with me on Instagram — @theimmeasurably_more
Go to the profile of Erik Manning
Erik Manning
I’m a former atheist turned Christian and am primarily interested in history and Christianity. Website: isjesusalive.com
Go to the profile of Nick Meader
Nick Meader
I’m a psychologist interested in the application of psychological research to theology, apologetics and Christian living.
Go to the profile of Daniel J Botha
Daniel J Botha
I help people discover how storytelling changes lives. #Writer #Storyteller #Artist #Physician Visit my website and get your FREE novella https://daniebotha.com
Go to the profile of Nyaalo Mia
Nyaalo Mia
Storyteller. Photographer. Christian. Writer of Poetry and Creative Nonfiction. Mental Health, Coming of Age, and Activism.
Go to the profile of Susan Grant
Susan Grant
Just as our bodies need proper nourishment and exercise to be healthy, so does our soul. Exercise opportunities to keep your soul fit. www.susan-grant.com
Go to the profile of Miriam Diaz-Gilbert
Go to the profile of Antonia
*Eternally Loved* Daughter of the King. Edo princess, mum. UX evangelist, Designer.
Go to the profile of Ed Newman
Ed Newman
Retired ad man, I’m an avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 https://pioneerproductions.blogspot.com/
Go to the profile of Jennifer Marie Gady
Jennifer Marie Gady
Out of the dark, into the light, and ready for the next chapter…..with Him anything is possible!!!
Go to the profile of Marianne Jones, Poet
Marianne Jones, Poet
Marianne is a retired teacher, a grandma and a writer who lives in beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario on the shores of Lake Superior.