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What happens with repetition?

One thing, it becomes so ingrained in us that we can name that tune, we know the jingle from every commercial.

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When we use things all the time, they have a way of becoming part of who we are.

Sadly, our culture seems to be suffering with an epidemic,

  • Don’t make me work for it
  • I want to press a button and make it happen
  • Don’t make me wait.
  • I am bored, moving on.

There is very little stick-to-itiveness any more.

The great inventors made many mistakes, but through perseverance they not only won but also created something that would impact society for years after they were gone.

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We connect with things repeated

It causes us to have a connection with the things that are being repeated. It not only becomes part of us, but we also have our own feelings and thoughts about it.

Until something happens and we need to know, we desperately seek that connection because we are lost and have no anchor to keep us grounded.

That is why we are instructed to know God, to know his word

The even more wonderful thing is if we connect and take the time, we actually can build a relationship with Him that is solid, He will be our anchor.

Photo by Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash

So, the winds may blow, and you may get tossed about but you know that you are safe.

The panic and anxiety are far less because not only do you know who God is and his promises, but they are at your fingertips and He is right with you.

They are there available, powerful, to comfort, to do battle, to guide.

Also repeat in the ears of a friend who is struggling too, because we all need reminders!

Repetition is a good thing

Thank you, God, for Your word and that it repeats the wonderful news that you are for us and that your plans for us are good and not evil.



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Sue-ellen Howe


I love life, love people, and Love God. My motto has been if it’s not fun I don’t do it. I am extremely creative. I love to write as the words drop in my spirit