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This is an email from Koinonia Happenings, a newsletter by Koinonia.

April 2022 — Koinonia’s Recommended Stories & Notes for Writers

Happenings — a monthly update for readers and writers of Koinonia Publication

A note from Julie

Here at Koinonia, we want to help you start your day off just right. Please visit our homepage for a quick daily devotional and more fantastic content from our writers.

Our writers cover a variety of topics every month, but… what about rapists, murderers, unexpected companions, coveting, and loose pages? What really killed Jesus? Scroll down and read something provocative. We’ve got all that and more.

This newsletter includes publication statistics for the month of April; recommended reading; tips and content for writers; and concluding remarks.

Quick Stats

· As of April 30, 2022, we have 445 writers with our publication!

Our April Scripture Prompt was Galations 2:20

Here’s a glimpse at how this verse spoke to our writers:

We Died

I’m Dead but Alive at the Same Time

Our past newsletters announced the monthly scripture prompt. We’ll no longer announce the next prompt in this newsletter. Writers should visit the Koinonia homepage and the Koinonia Writer’s group on Facebook for monthly prompt updates. Click for the May Prompt verse and our simple style requirements.

In our private Facebook group for Koinonia writers, our writers share their own stories and favorites written by others. Here are some highlights from April’s weekly share-a-thon (long-form, poetry, and short-form):

Writer-promoted Content

When I Needed True Manna

Unexpected Companions

Walking with Purpose: The Bible Study Getting 38,011 Catholic Women on the Same Page

Is it Justifiable to Kill a Rapist and a Murder?

I Missed My Son’s Wedding Because of COVID…

What I Saw in St. Martin

The Darkest Day in History

I Saw, I Coveted, and I Took

You’ve Been Trying Hard Your Whole Life — Maybe It’s Time to Try Softer

Koinonia: Relationships with the Other Crazy People Who Love Him

How to Answer the Christian Call to Beauty

Writer-promoted Poetry

Loosely Bound

Final Glow

My Voice is My Strength

Winter Pause (haiku)

Look Up

What Really Killed Jesus?

That Night in the Garden

Tree Tapping

Writer-promoted Short Form (150 words or less)

Texting with an Accent

Making Pie

Monday of Holy Week: Temple

The Beauty of Small Things

Our writers are prolific. If you love what you read from these lists, click their profiles and read some more!

Writers are having a GREAT time in our private Facebook group sharing their work and interacting with other Christian writers. If you’re a writer for Koinonia on Medium and not yet a member of our private Facebook group called Koinonia Medium Publication Writers, you’re missing out! Meet other writers and gain followers, fans, and friends.

If you want your writing featured in the monthly Newsletter, you should participate in this private group or write a post focused on the monthly Scripture Prompt (find the May Scripture Prompt post here).

Writing/Medium Tips (offered in our private Facebook group)

You Need to Check Each Story with the New Speechify Service

How We Took Our Christian Writers Group on Tour

Why I Love it When My Story is Curated

I Am a Salty Writer, and You Can be One Too

What Happens When You Change Your Title or Pin Your Article

3.4K Reads = $2.37 How Can That Be?

Robert McManus suggests that writers “trust the editor’s judgment, they improve you.” Indeed, they do!

See what you’re missing? Enjoy these conversations and learning opportunities as a member of our private Facebook group, Koinonia Medium Publication Writers. Again, this is for Koinonia writers only.

MORNING DEVOTIONS: We welcome Morning Devotions as single submissions and short series (2–3 posts). We are currently scheduling submissions about one week out, so you must wait briefly to see your post(s) appear. Please keep submitting! Submission Guidelines for Morning Devotions


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up of what’s happening at Koinonia. If you have not yet liked our Koinonia Facebook Page, please like it today. This is where we post our published stories and then you can share them with your friends on social media.

Blessings and Peace,

Julie Ranson

Publication Owner

Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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