Generosity Mindset

A spiritual philosophy of money

Eric Craft
Nov 13 · 5 min read

There is this beautiful story found within the Gospel of Luke and Mark where Jesus is at the temple and he is watching those who are giving into the offering plate. Around him are the rich, who are giving much. Out of their abundance, they give great sums of money. Yet, in the midst of this story, there is this woman who only gives two copper coins. It is after this moment that Jesus calls his disciples to Himself and begins to speak into this moment;

“Truly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”
( Mark 12:43, ESV)

Jesus reminds his disciples that out of abundance it is easy for one to give, but that true generosity and faith do not come out of an abundance but out of the sincerity of our hearts. That even when we have very little we are still called to give back.

Student loans

Finances as a 24-year-old are weird. You have these moments where you feel like you have an abundance and things are incredibly easy, then you have moments like I had the other week, where you are terrified about making ends meet.

Money is a spiritual thing. What you spend your money on, how you view money and the emotions that are tied to it often speak a lot about your heart. There are two mindsets that we tend to live our lives with when it comes to money.

Scarcity and abundance

The problem with both of these mindsets is that they both tend to be extremes. We as human beings tend to live our life on a pendulum of extremes.

However, what if Jesus wants us to realign our thinking. What if he doesn’t want us to be fearful of how we spend our money or how much money we have? What if Jesus wants to take the best parts of the abundance and scarcity mindset and combine them.

Generosity mindset

The call from that moment once you have defined how much resources you have is to then be a good steward of them. This is where the scarcity mindset comes in. You decided to be smart with the finite amount of resources you have. That means instead of going out to coffee every day you only get coffee out once a week and make coffee at home the rest of the week. A scarcity mindset when it comes to thinking generously recognizes the importance of how and why we spend our money.

Then how you view your money as a resource when it comes to helping people is how the abundance mindset comes in. Because we were good stewards with our money we can start to really dive into the thought of what it means to be generous and give back.

Not just with a tithe at church, but to the homeless person on the street, the random person in a coffee shop, to a missionary, to a friend in need. The generosity mindset lets us combine being a good steward with being overly zealous with what we give.

Generosity out of the heart

Generosity should come from the heart of giving everything we have because we want to give back to God what he has given us.

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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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