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How a Heavyhearted Christian Can See The Hidden Signs of God’s Love

They are everywhere

A minute after the sunset. Dark rain clouds are resting above the still sea water. Above the dark clouds where the sun is sending last beams of light are majestic fluffy clouds coloured with a small tone of pink paint. In the clear sky above the colourful clouds hang a sliver of moon that brighly reflects the setting sun.
The photo was taken by the author

Forget about looking for Pokemon! You can catch something much better — the signs of God’s love. I took the picture of this story a couple of days ago. Can you see God saying “I love you” in the clouds?

The more I grow in love with Jesus, the more I think about Him. The more I think about…




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Vytautas Ratkevičius-Vytas

Vytautas Ratkevičius-Vytas

Life is worth living abundantly. And the abundance comes from one place. From the Author who gives me insight.

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