How Acceptance of God Brings Acceptance and Inclusion

Becoming a child of God

Trip Kimball
Jun 11 · 4 min read

When does life begin — at conception or birth?

Before 1973, the obvious answer would be at conception but the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision changed that in America. That decision may have changed people’s opinions but it didn’t change basic biology.

In Asia, age is generally determined by conception and the lunar calendar. For centuries and centuries in the rest of the world and biologically, conception is seen as the beginning of life.

Conception is the beginning of life.

Life on earth has a beginning and end date — our physical birth and death. Yet, billions of people in the world believe in some form of life beyond physical birth and death—people of various beliefs and faiths.

In the Christian faith, we believe eternal life—life beyond this earth—is a gift of God. This begins when a person believes — trusts — in Jesus—God in a human body—by faith.

In other words, becoming a Christian believer isn’t passed down generationally, nor is it a matter of right beliefs or the effort of human will.

It’s a spiritual relationship extended to those who trust in Jesus—God’s Son. This relationship brings inclusion into God’s family—acceptance as His child.

Acceptance as a child of God comes by faith.

No surprise

When God came to the earth in human form — the Word, that is Jesus the Son of God — it wasn’t a surprise visit.

It was announced through the Old Testament prophets and finally through a man named John called the Baptizer.

John’s role was to announce and prepare God’s people for the arrival and ministry of the long-awaited Messiah of Israel.

But the Messiah wasn’t a savior for Israel only but for all humanity — a savior and Lord for all those who trust in Him as Lord. This did not sit well with the Jewish leaders and experts in the Law—so they rejected Him (John 1:11).

Acceptance instead of rejection

God knows what rejection is like and yet He accepts those who trust in Him.

He forgives, He restores, He gives new life — a new birth — to those who trust in His Son Jesus. As we express our trust in the Lord, He extends authority to us to become a part of His extended family.

This new birth isn’t based on what we believe but who we believe, that is, who we trust in. In a sense, we are accepted through our acceptance of Him.

A person becomes born of God when God gives them acceptance and assurance by His Spirit — the Holy Spirit — through a personal and implicit trust in Jesus.

God accepts those who trust in Him.

Want to dig in and study this more?

Here’s the text reference of the story, a key verse, some questions to help you dig deeper into the text, and some ways to personalize the truth for your own life.

Bible text — John 1:6–13 GW (You Version) | Bible Gateway

Key phrase

These people didn’t become God’s children in a physical way — They were born from God (John 1:13 GW).

The intent and purpose of the following questions are to help you consider and process the truth of the Bible text.

Digging Deeper…

Review the Scripture text above as you answer the following questions —

  • Who are we told about in verse 6? What was the purpose of his coming?
  • Who is spoken of as the “real light” in verses 9 and 10, and how is this connected to the first 5 verses of John’s gospel?
  • Who are the people who did not accept the “real light” and why not?
  • Who has the right to become a child of God and how does this take place?

Taking it to heart…

Now read through the Scripture text again as you consider and answer these questions —

  • Why do you think God’s people didn’t receive Jesus as the “real light”?
  • What kinds of birth are spoken of and described in verse 13?
  • How is a person included in the family of God as one of God’s children?
  • Why do you think people have a hard time accepting Jesus as the Son of God?
  • Have you experienced acceptance and inclusion in the family of God?
  • If so, how and when did this take place and how did God confirm it for you?

Personalize it…

Meditate On This — The Lord promises that when we believe in Him and His power to forgive and redeem us — an implicit personal trust — we become part of His family forever.

Prayer Focus — If you’re not sure—ask God to make His grace and acceptance known to you. Then, give thanks and praise and worship God for His kindness and goodness for including you as His child in His family!

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