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If God Is In Control, Why Do We Still Need To Pray?

He is in control, yet also listening

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These events in our lives made us face anxiety and confusion.

The Garden

The Prayer

Abba, Father

Despite the knowledge of God’s personal name, they refrain from calling God, YHWH, out of reverence.

Our identity is never about how good we are or how bad we were; our identity is based on Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

In control

Our faith should always be anchored in the truth. That is, God can do wonders even when it seems impossible.

His Will

It is God’s nature to show compassion to the hurting, even going to the point where He’ll take all that sorrow, suffering, and distress just to show us how much He loves us; and how much He’s willing to save us.

Final Thoughts

Reflection: Why do you think it’s hard to pray? What does it look like if prayer is a lifestyle for an individual and as a community?

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