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Knowing the Cost Brings Increase in the Value

God of the Old Testament vs goodness of the New Testament

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As I read through the Old Testament and am now in Joshua, my heartaches. I see so clearly how they were quickly punished for their sin.

I know I have had sin in my life and even as Achan, hid it. If I were living then, I would have been stoned right alongside him. It seems easy to say yah, but Christ died and took that sin so as long as I repent, I am ok.

Recognizing what I deserve and seeing that it was indeed carried out and that is what a Holy God demands. For me to say I am sorry and have my debt paid just seems unfair.

Not that I want to be stoned.

My mind is grappling with this Holy God that required obedience and people were put to death for their sin. And the almost flippancy we have toward forgiveness.

He is the same yesterday today and forever… and yet we receive the grace and forgiveness because of His son.

Does God still get angry because of sin? Are there times He feels like coming down in judgment? How can He say oh yah right, Jesus died for those things? But I feel like there must be more to it than that.

The further I go down this road of logic, the more I am amazed.

I am getting a better picture of what the price of my sin was. Sure, I was raised in a good Baptist church, we know that the price for our sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

Are we really in touch with what that means?

Are we really in touch with what our sin deserves, what the full price of our sin is?

I am getting more of a picture as I read through the Old Testament.

They saw with their own eyes the favor and care of the Lord God. He truly wanted to dwell with them, but he could not when there was sin in the camp.

So many thoughts in that one statement. Do we see, realize the goodness of God to us, today? We may say, well he hasn’t opened up any rivers for me recently. Ah, yes but did you have a near miss on the highway this week? Did you have a situation where things went ‘your’ way?

We have been so fortunate to see His hand move as we have relocated.

With the COVID19 my hubby was laid off work (after the lease was signed). Yes, that was a blessing…he had the time to move us without trying to squeeze a move into a 50–60-hour workweek.

Sure, it also meant that we have very little help, but we had much more time. He could rest and recover between loads.

With the COVID19 many of the payments that would weigh particularly heavy on us have deferred.

We have a wonderful friend who lent us her vehicle so that we would not have to rent a truck. Also, the gas prices were rock bottom.

Many would say coincidence. But I know God was blessing us in the midst of the mess. We even had one instance where God gave us favor in the middle of our foolishness.

He gave us a set of beautiful shelves for a very reasonable price (another blessing) and we were transporting it in the back of a friend’s SUV. The back doors would not close, but we thought we would just drive carefully. Well, naturally we got stopped.

Photo by Julius Jansson on Unsplash

The Police required that we get someone to bring us something to tie it down with. They told us that it was 160 dollars fine for transporting something that was not tied down securely. We both felt ashamed, we know better.

We sat there waiting for a friend to bring us a rope and waiting for the officer to give us the ticket. They sat there for a few moments’ lights flashing behind us and then they left.

Wow, we thanked God for His favor! We deserved that ticket. Those are not happenstance that is the favor of God!

The place we moved into was equipped to put in a range hood but there wasn’t one. We asked the landlord if it would be ok for us to get one. He said sure. Within three hours he bought a brand new one and installed it for us! Favor!

We have had to rely on God heavily through this move, with the lay off and everything else. We did not know any of this was going to happen when we signed the lease. But He promises He is our provider! We have had to just believe that.

All of this may not seem as dramatic as a crossing of a Red Sea or even the Jordan, but we know His hand was definitely on every part of this move.

We believe it!

That is the key I think, believe it, and watch it come to pass… ok, even I see how cliché that sounds but really it is true.

Right away I hear in my spirit, then why don’t things always go that way. Because God is wiser than we are. That is when we need to believe in who God is, not in what we want from him or even need from Him.

He knows the beginning from the end, He promises to supply our needs, how they are met may not look how we think. Trusting in the nature of who God is, will carry us through the what if’s and the what now.

Going back to the beginning of this blog, I am beginning to see clearer, I am beginning to see the nature of our God, getting to know who he is…which makes me more thankful for the gift he has given. And the gift of His presence and His fellowship.

Thank you, God, for your love for us, a love we can not begin to fathom. Thank you for the Gift of your dear Son, for the grace and forgiveness that we did not deserve but that you freely offer us.

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