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During the first week of April, we asked our writers’ group on Facebook to share posts related to Jesus, his disciples, Easter, and Holy Week. Here is a sampling of the many interesting stories we got to read as Easter weekend approached. (Please visit our publication for more terrific stories every day.)

Holy Week Stories

The Forgotten Truth About Easter by Nils von Kalm

God’s Promise Arrives as a Pure Gift by Mary Gallagher

Holy Tuesday by S.E. Fairbanks

This Holy Week is Like the First One by Joseph Serwach

Jesus Reaches the Canceled by Julie Ranson

We Destroyed a Priceless Book in the Human Library by Elizabeth Clark

Let’s Reflect on the Wednesday of Holy Week by Paul Walker

Poem: That Night in the Garden by Gordon McFarland

Writer Promotions

Our writers want you to know about these special things:

Bonnie Blaylock’s debut historical novel was published Dec 2022. Set in the 1930s, it’s about literacy, forgiveness & the strength of community. It’s listed on Amazon.

Jenny Alexander has a book out on Amazon. On the Road to Recovery: Overcoming 10 Common Speed Bumps Post-Divorce

Kimberley Payne’s book, A Moment in Time, is currently free on Amazon May 1–3.

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