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Love Can Make the Mighty Fall or Was That Manipulation?

A hero has fallen: Judges 16

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

What comes forward to me is that no matter how stubborn, rebellious, fool-hearted, or even dense Samson might have seemed at times God never forgot him.

Yes, even as He did with Samson, His chosen man for the time, He will abide our choices and the consequences surely will come yet. When our heart chooses to return to Him, He steps in.

Yes, He is God and Yes, He tells us how to live as His people but there is a huge heart of love that wants us to not have to experience the pain and separation that going our own way brings around the bend, just out of sight.



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Sue-ellen Howe

I love life, love people, and Love God. My motto has been if it’s not fun I don’t do it. I am extremely creative. I love to write as the words drop in my spirit