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March 2022 — Recommended Stories & Notes for Writers

Happenings — a monthly update for readers and writers of Koinonia Publication

A note from Julie

Here at Koinonia, we want to help you start your day off just right.

You know how I start my mornings? Well, after I pour a cup of coffee, I look at the Koinonia homepage where we now feature the daily Morning Devotion at the top all day long. I read that before I study the Bible and my current devotional book.

I highly recommend these crisp nuggets of morning encouragement!

During Holy Week, April 11–17, we will feature Paul Walker’s 7-day Devotion series as we lean into this important season on the Christian calendar. Don’t miss this series!

This newsletter includes publication statistics for the month of March; recommended reading; tips for writers; and concluding remarks.

Quick Stats

As of March 31, 2022, we have had 437 writers join our publication! We also added three new editors who will help our writers make their pieces great and get them published on our Medium platform. Let’s welcome Diane E. Tatum, Berthran Benaiah, and Joanne Creary to our editing team!

Out of the 27 posting days of March, we published 180 stories with an average of 6.7 per day.

Special Note — Readership is down across Medium, and this often true of the month of March. Don’t be discouraged!

Our March Scripture Prompt was Ephesians 5:21

Here’s a glimpse of how this verse spoke to our writers:

Why We Should Treat Each Other Like Royalty

Why We Still Submit to One Another in The Church

My Pastor Called Today

Mind Me!

We’ll no longer announce the prompt in this newsletter. Writers should visit the Koinonia homepage and the Koinonia Writer’s private group on Facebook for monthly prompt updates. Here’s the link for April Prompt verse and the style requirements — https://medium.com/me/stats/post/e5889f43dff0

In our private Facebook group for Koinonia writers, our writers link to their own stories and favorites written by others. Here are some highlights from March’s weekly story-share:

Writers are having a GREAT time in our private Facebook group sharing their work and interacting with other Christian writers. If you’re a writer for Koinonia on Medium and not yet a member of our private Facebook group called Koinonia Medium Publication Writers, you’re missing out! Meet other writers and gain followers, fans, and friends.

If you want your writing featured in our monthly Newsletter, you should participate in this private group or write a post focused on the monthly Scripture Prompt (find the Scripture Prompt post on the Koinonia home page).

Writer-promoted content

Jesus — The Worst Mathematician Without a Scarcity Mentality

Not the Expected Messiah

How to Prepare Your Faith for the Worst

How a Near Miss Reminded Me to Prepare for the End of Times

How Some Old Poems Reminded Me of God’s Grace in the Past

I Wrote My Own Job Description, Then I Cried.

All I Need to Know About Kid Rock

For My Husband

The Fisherman

The 5 Ways You Can Help a Dying Catholic Right Now

In Jesus’ Name

Mission to Ukraine

Shame, Shame, Go Away!

The Writing System that will Revolutionize Your Work Habits

The Great Garden Mystery

The Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, and the Superstars

The Denominational Divide

The Pontius Pilate Effect and How Not to Wash Your Hands of the Truth

Two Paths That Converge

The Use and Purpose of God’s Saints on Earth

A Visit to a Beach in an Omicron-Orange County

Is Your Faith Afraid of the Dark?

2022 Will be Perfectly Imperfect

11 Things You Might not Know about St. Patrick

Praying Through Anxiety

Spiritual Habits are Good, As Long as They Are More Than Rituals

A Conspiracy of Silence

Thunderous Pointlessness

Writer-promoted poetry

Spring Bud

Seven Random Poems

Old Pipes

I’ll Walk With You Through the Valley

Writer-promoted short-form (150 words or fewer)

I Missed Mad Monday This Week

Your Writing is so Good

Canva Elements: Dressing Up Your Graphic

Our writers are prolific. If you love what you read from these lists, click their profiles and read some more!

Writing/Medium Tips (offered in our private Facebook group)

Another Six Filler Terms to Cut and Make Your Writing Crisp

Book Review: How Your Story Sets You Free

When Do You Consider Yourself a Writer?

ABC’s of Writing Well

In March, we had conversations about writing good headlines, how many other publications our writers contribute to, posting content to Medium after you published it online elsewhere (like your website). One writer asked about good podcasting platforms. Another Koinonia writer is testing out the “Listen” feature that now appears at the top of our stories.

Here’s a question to answer in the comment section: What time of day is best for your writing habit? (Submitted by Terry R Blankenship)

Do you know what a “pretty link” is? It’s the story link box that displays your title and graphic in a rectangle. It looks so much better than just a boring link. Add one by clicking the plus + sign at the left of a blank line and choose the < > feature to embed your link on the line. Sometimes, it happens magically without performing this step. Magic on Medium is usually good stuff.

See what you’re missing? Enjoy these conversations and learning opportunities as a member of our private Facebook group, Koinonia Medium Publication Writers. Again, this is for Koinonia writers only.

MORNING DEVOTIONS: We welcome Morning Devotions as single submissions and short series (2–3 posts). We are currently scheduling submissions about one week out, so you must briefly wait to see your post(s) appear. Please keep submitting! Submission Guidelines for Morning Devotions


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up of what’s happening at Koinonia. If you have not yet liked our Koinonia Facebook Page, please like it today. This is where we post our published stories and then you can share them with your friends on social media.

Blessings and Peace,

Julie Ranson

Publication Owner

Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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