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Nuggets That Glisten in the Most Surprising Places

Joshua 15

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This whole chapter talks about the boundaries that God set for the children of Israel. It’s a chapter that would easily be skipped over or speed read because of all the names of places etc.

When I was finished reading today, I asked the question.

Why would God allow that to stay in the Bible and

what is its relevance for me today?

There are only two very small stories tucked neatly in the midst of the mapping out of the territories.

One about Othniel and his wife, whose hand he won by conquering a city. She asked for a piece of land and then a second piece with two springs. She was given it.

Secondly, the fact that they could not run the Jebusites out and they continue to dwell with the Israelites to this day.

Two object lessons come to mind

First God not only has a plan, but He has recorded it. He chose to share this one with us. In my mind’s fantastic wanderings, I am wondering if it is to remind Israel of her full inheritance and to encourage her and us to pray for that inheritance to be given back to her.

And naturally, that makes me think of the fact that God does have a plan and purpose for each and every one of us and that it is also recorded. Yes, I know it does not say thou shalt take this job or that.

But it does tell us how to live, how to think, and even how to take care of ourselves. Then we have the precious gift of the Holy Spirit who is our gift to connect on a moment by moment basis with the Father and He can and will direct your paths.

He has a plan for us, and it is established!

And we are also told that His plans are to prosper us, not to harm us, to give us hope and a future. And it is written down so that we may be reminded of that any time we want. It is a good thing to spend time in the writings of God. It is a source of wisdom, encouragement, connection, correction, and direction for our lives.

The little story tucked in the fold of this chapter is very interesting to me.

It says to me that no matter how ‘things are done’:

You may be surprised at the result.
It was not common for women to have an inheritance, but she did.
Because she asked!
And she was not forgotten.

How important is this to us so many years later. Evidently it was important enough for God to include it.

So, it is an important reminder to us that God moves outside the boundaries of the normal, the expected and the established. All it took was for her to ask.

The fact that they could not dislodge the Jebusites was also interesting to me. They conquered greater nations and peoples, why not these? I have no idea!

So, I did a little digging because it did not make sense to me that God would promise them the city when they were not able to take it. There has to be a reason.

And according to history, this is the place where Abraham buried Sara and made a covenant with the people there…

Photo by beatriz ostos charro on Unsplash

“because the bronze figures, with Abraham’s covenant engraved thereon, were standing in the center of the city.” (The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia)

I am not sure if it is 100 percent reliable, but it is at the very least interesting. They could not break the covenant that Abraham made with the people. However, the convent was broken by the Jebusites because they went to battle against Judah. So, David had the statues destroyed and he could have just taken the city but instead, he bought it, collecting the money from each tribe so it would be considered a holy city to all the Israelites.

Which still teaches us something today. God does not go against his word; God honors our covenants.

What a good God we serve. Even when we forget what we have said or done, He does not.

Well, my day is complete, I have had a Bible lesson, a history lesson, and life lessons that point me to our incredible God and causes my heart to worship Him.

I hope that you will be encouraged as much as I was today.

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