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Releasing Expectations in Love

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Dashed Expectations

All my duck expectations were coming true until the day they looked over the fence and spied my neighbor’s pond. In one swift lift-off, my dreams were dashed. My ducklings wanted more than I could give them. They flew back and forth for a few days, keeping my hopes alive that they would live here and there and I could still pet their soft bottoms, but one day they stopped flying back over the fence and I could hear their splashing and reveling in the big pond next door.

Love Lets Go

But the duckling experiment was only the beginning of something God wanted to transform in me. He was teaching me to let go of expectations. That is what love is all about, is it not? He who became flesh so we could find and understand His love laid down all His expectations at the cross. He offered love freely with no guarantees that it would be accepted.

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“People bring offerings to Jesus, and then Jesus hands miracles back to the people.” Emily P. Freeman, A Million Little Ways

The Only Guarantee We Have is Love

I’ve been learning a lot about how expectations strangle love and faith, and how letting go frees us to live in the moment and enjoy those we love for exactly who they are in that moment. Letting go makes room — for faith, for love, and for miracles.

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We Can’t Love While Holding On

And love is our way to God and love is right. I’ve been lectured quite often in church about what love looks like, how a good Christian woman should love, how a good wife acts if she loves her husband, and how a good mother is supposed to look.



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