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September 2022 — Featured Stories by Koinonia Writers

So much good reading!

A note from Julie

Our writers tackled all sorts of topics in September, like prayer and rest. Oh, and St. Matthew and Mary. Lech Walesa too! Then we read about bees and lilies, and the prospect of Fall. Hope you enjoy the variety our writers offer you this and every month.

Special Feature

On Saturdays, our writers can share their social media contacts, links to books they’ve written, and other writings they wish to promote. It’s fun to learn more about these writers. Our publication is ALL about promoting our writers, and this is yet another way we allow them to network. Check out these interesting resources:

Marcia Laycock is offering a FREE class on October 5: Four Fs of Fine Fiction

Mary Gallagher sells downloadable affirmations in her Etsy Shop

Margie Hord de Mendez published a book in Spanish last year, 60/60 Vision: A fulfilled life after age 60

Elizabeth Erlandson invited us to a Christian Writer’s Facebook Group

Kimberley Payne has a Writer Helps Facebook Page

Brad Creech also writes on SubStack at The Verse

Paul Walker offers help in creating your own banners on Medium

Lynne Collier offers publishing help to writers at White Rose Writers (Facebook page)


We introduced Editor Interviews this month. Here’s the first one submitted!

Getting to Know Arulnathan John, our editor in Singapore

Writer Interview submissions are always accepted. Koinonia writers must complete this interview form and submit at least two photos.

Our September Scripture Prompt was Exodus 33:19.

Here’s a glimpse at how this verse spoke to our writers.

God is Faithful in the Wilderness by Melissa Morris
Driving on the Road to God’s Goodness by Bernice P.
Your Heart Matters More Than Abilities in the Kingdom of God by Verbieann Hardy
Was Moses a Man of Faith — or Someone Who Struggled to See God at Work? by Paul Walker

Check out our October Scripture Verse Prompt

Canva creation by J. Ranson

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Koinonia writers have a good time in our private Facebook group sharing their work and interacting with other Christian writers. If you’re a writer for Koinonia on Medium and not yet a member of our private Facebook group called Koinonia Medium Publication Writers, you’re missing out! Meet other writers and gain followers, fans, and friends.

If writers want their writing featured in this monthly newsletter, they should participate in our private Facebook group or write a post focused on the monthly Scripture Prompt (find the Scripture Prompt post above, or on the Koinonia home page).

Writer-promoted Content

Next in Line by Paul Phillips

Advice for Driving in Australia by Melissa Morris

Some Thoughts on Prayer by Andrea Cannon

I’m Not a Poor Man’s Mary by Mary Gallagher

St. Matthew: A Life Completely Transformed by Meeting Jesus by Paul Walker

Lech Walesa: When We’re Building Something Bigger, That Should Be the End of the Rat Race by Joseph Serwach

Why Am I Still Stuck in This Tunnel? By Paul Phillips

Seven Steps to Simplify the Miracle of Repentance by Katharine Trauger

Finding a Song I Wrote at 15 by Melissa Morris

The Anger of God by Lori Wangler

Looking Crazy Good? The 7 Ways He Buys Your Item by Joseph Serwach

Seniors Say the Darndest Things by Lynne Collier

Blocking a Facebook ‘Friend’ by Margie Hord de Mendez

Oddities in Genesis by Lori Wangler

Flipping Through My Sketchbook by Andrea Cannon

When the Spirit Leaves the Body by Kimberley Payne

How to Pray When Threatened by S.E. Fairbanks

God Wants You to Rest by Sarah K. Butterfield

The Lint Ball Seasons of Your Life Won’t Last Forever by Mary Gallagher

Writer-promoted Poetry

The Holy Spirit Calls by Jenny Alexander

The Few by ak_finch

The Day Was Like a Poem by Gordon McFarland

Rooted by Mabel Osejindu

I Am the Good Daddy by Vuyo Ngcakani

Humble Bumblebee (Haiku) by Kimberley Payne

Lilies Along the Roadside by Lynne Collier

Yellow Time of Year by Lori Wangler

The First Line from a Robert Frost Poem by Mary Gallagher

Fall Elegy by Katharine Trauger

Writer-promoted Short Form (150 words or fewer)

What a Friend! by Julie Ranson

I’m Giving Up Novel Writing to be a Rebel by Lynne Collier

There is a Huge Ghost on Medium by Katharine Trauger

Our writers are prolific. If you love what you read from these lists, click their profiles and read some more!

See what you’re missing? Enjoy these conversations and learning opportunities as a member of our private Facebook group, Koinonia Medium Publication Writers. Again, this is for Koinonia writers only.

Please submit to our Morning Devotions section

We welcome Morning Devotions as single submissions and short series (2–3 posts). We are currently scheduling submissions about 1–2 days out, so you must wait briefly to see your post(s) appear. Please keep submitting! Submission Guidelines for Morning Devotions


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up of what’s happening at Koinonia. If you have not yet liked our Koinonia Facebook Page, please like it today. This is where we post our published stories and then you can share them with your friends on social media.

Blessings and Peace,

Julie Ranson

Publication Owner



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