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Social Anxiety: Ways to Hope When You Feel Alone

Social anxiety and the church

Photo from Larisa Birta, Unsplash

When we’re called to be in relationship with God we’re also called to belong to a local church. So social anxiety can be a painful trial for many Christians.

Statistically, almost every church will have people with social anxiety attending.

What is social anxiety?

These fears lead to two reactions


Lack of understanding

Jesus and the outsider

Photo from Naaman Frenkel, Unsplash

On the cross He would experience her shame at first hand, He knew what it was like to be an outcast mocked by the crowds. That was the reason He had come to earth.

Treasure those who stick by you

Psychological and drug therapy

Keeping on the Way

Yet with God’s help, I get back on the path, I have not been fully healed, but His grace will keep me till I reach home.



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Nick Meader

My background is in psychology, epidemiology and medical statistics. I’m mainly discussing here theology, philosophy of religion and mental health.