The Best Way to Fit Exercise Into Your Day

Hint: Make your fitness purposeful

Photo by Jill Wellington via pixabay

My challenge to you is to not exercise for the sake of exercise, but instead to incorporate fitness into your everyday.

Like brushing your teeth, try to make fitness a natural extension of your daily plan. Make your fitness “purposeful”.

The simpler it is the better. If you are up early with the children, walk them around the block as a kick-start to your day.

If you normally rush off to work after a quick morning coffee, add your walk on your way to work. Park your vehicle in a lot over a block away from work. Once at work, favour the stairs over the elevator. It really is simple.

Once you start to form the habit of thinking of purposeful fitness, you will see how easy it is to incorporate it into everything you do.

For example, pull out your bicycle and ride to pick up your mail instead of the standard car drive. Walk, bike or even roller-blade around the neighbourhood with the family pooch. Since Rover needs his walk anyway, make it part of your day with purpose.

Explore gorgeous trails and give a child an appreciation of nature by teaching them about plants and animals. Hike through the fields and pick wild flowers to make floral arrangements for gifts — a thoughtful gift for both yourself and your gift-receiver.

Joining the children after-school for a session of jump rope skipping is an awesome cardiovascular workout. Smash a birdie over the backyard badminton net to gain quality time with your family and friends.

If your schedule is full of everyone else’s extra-curricular activities, you may want to fit in purposeful fitness during these times.

For example, kick the ball around the field at your child’s soccer tournament. Or toss a ball on the sidelines at your spouse’s baseball game.

The best fitness plan is one that you can most easily incorporate into your busy schedule. It must become an extension of you, not just another thing to add to your “to-do” list.

See you on the trails!

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