What Does it Mean to Be a Freedom Warrior

It’s not about who you’re fighting against but who you’re fighting for

Mary Gallagher
Jun 25 · 6 min read
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“May there be shouts of joy when we hear the news of your victory, flags flying with praise to God for all that he has done for you. May he answer all your prayers!” (Psalm 20:5 TLB)

“…He hears me from highest heaven and sends great victories. Some nations boast of armies and of weaponry, but our boast is in the Lord our God. Those nations will collapse and perish; we will arise to stand firm and sure!” (Psalm 20:6–8 TLB)

Freedom warrior

Someone recently said to me, “You are a freedom warrior.” It was a text but the words were like the hot coals that God touched to Isaiah’s lips. I jumped back and dropped my phone when I read it. I felt something leap inside me and I couldn’t respond to that text for several days.

It felt like a prophetic call to arms to help other women find true freedom in Christ.

But what does it mean to be a warrior

I used to think of a warrior as someone who fought against something or someone. That’s a soldier. A soldier goes into battle because he’s conscripted, told to march, handed a weapon and told to kill. The ‘Why’ is not necessary or even clear. These are our enemies, he’s told, they must be stopped.

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Some years ago I became interested in WWII history. I spent several years researching and reading detailed accounts of the war, particular battles, and personal first-hand accounts of men who fought in those battles. One clear understanding emerged from all of those writings.

The men who fought in WWII were more than soldiers, they were warriors. The distinction: they clarified their motive.

In order to survive battles and battle fatigue and overcome the incredible adversity they faced, they were able to keep their focus and their courage by remembering who they were fighting for. At first, it may have been a mindset of fighting against the Germans or Japanese, but as they fought on, they gained a clear understanding of who they were fighting for.

They were fighting for their loved ones back home.

Knowing they were protecting the safety and freedom of those they loved propelled them to finish the job, to never surrender, and never back down. Those they fought for were much too precious to them to ever give up the fight until complete and total victory had been obtained.

When you are singularly focused on securing the freedom and right to live freely for those you love, you will fight like a warrior and you won’t back down.

A warrior for Christ must not approach the battle with a mindset of fighting against the enemy

This will never propel you long enough or far enough. Your ‘Why’ — your focus and mission — needs to be from a position of love. When you’re fighting for someone — their freedom — you’ll fight at all costs, you’ll fight with a tenacity the enemy can’t understand, and you’ll fight with confidence knowing Whose power you go into battle armed with for victory.

I used to be afraid of the dark until I learned that I am a light and the dark is afraid of me. — D.R. Silva.

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Warriors are leaders

I also know that a warrior–think Wonder Woman–does not back down. In order to step into the battle as a freedom warrior for Christ, I knew I would need to let go of intimidation, fear of what others think, fear of rejection, and fear of stepping out of my comfort zone.

In order to step into my true identity and freedom in Christ, I would need to step out of my comfort zone.

At the end of the day, everyone is looking for freedom. It’s ultimately the cause that Jesus championed for

“to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison, and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.” (Isaiah 42:7 NIV)

A warrior has to be a leader

She has to go first, and she has to fight off the big freedom shackles so others can find freedom too. The weapons of a freedom warrior are God’s word, prayer, and listening to the voice of God. A warrior has to be brave and act when God says, tell her this and show her that or write about this and offer to pray with her.

But what if I offend someone or what if they think I’m weird?

A warrior doesn’t worry about what looks weird

A warrior sees the victory and uses unconventional battle tactics to secure it. In the Old Testament, God instructed Joshua to walk around the city of Jericho six days, then stand and blow a trumpet on the seventh. That didn’t seem like a reasonable approach to taking a walled city.

Joshua obeyed and God delivered Jericho into their hands.

The trojan horse is an example of a strange way to wage war but it worked. The fake allied army that Patton set up to fool the Germans in WWII surely hadn’t been done before. When you are singularly focused on securing the freedom and right to live freely for those you love, you fight like a warrior and you don’t back down.

“Jesus recognized with authentic realism that anyone who permits another to determine the quality of his inner life gives into the hands of the other the keys to his destiny. The awareness of being a child of God tends to stabilize the ego and results in a new courage, fearlessness, and power.” — Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited

You were created to be free.

Freedom is costly

It cost Jesus his life. Don’t let this gift go to waste. Walk in the complete and true freedom Christ offers you. I am here, I’ve got my shield up taking the arrows on the front lines for you because nothing makes my warrior spirit more fired up than when I see God’s people in bondage!

And I could use a little help here on the front lines. When you secure your freedom will you start fighting with me?

Lord, may we be like the warriors of our forefathers in battle and in faith. May we fight, as Paul admonished, the good fight of faith, and may we live in victory, moving from battlefield to battlefield, loosing the chains that hold your precious children captive. May we each see ourselves as Warriors of Love, going into battle for those we protect, not focused on the enemy who is already defeated, but with our eyes and hearts fixed on propelling others toward their personal victories.

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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.