What My Dreams Taught Me About Difficult Circumstances

And how I can hold fast to my faith and hope

Kimberley Payne
Jul 17 · 6 min read
Photo by Pete Linforth via pixabay

I’m a dreamer

Not in the think-about-the-dreamy-future type — although I guess I am that too — but rather that I dream every night and more often than not I remember my dreams.

Every storm of life

In this dream, I stayed at a motel with my cousin and other friends and family. Five children, including my own two, were bunked together in one room across the hall. I shared a room with my cousin.

And these tornadoes were headed our way!

I expected at least one twister to sweep across our motel so I ran across the hall to be with the children.

And then, in one giant crash, it ended.

I slowly opened the door to find our entire motel room had been torn away from the building, lifted in the sky, and crashed down in the middle of a two-lane highway.

I quickly saw that we remained in grave danger.

A truck drove straight at us. It swerved and braked, just barely missing us. I took each of my children by the hand and we ran for safety across the busy road.

As I considered the devastation around me I broke down crying in joy. My children and I had been spared. God had protected us.

Throughout the storm, we had held fast to our faith and hope that God would take care of us. He had His hand upon us and kept us safe from harm.

True Immortality

In another dream, I stayed over at a friend’s home. She had returned from work but she didn’t seem happy. She looked disturbed.

I grinned at her because I knew what that something was. I explained that she felt empty because she hadn’t asked Jesus into her heart.

She had never said the sinner’s prayer. She looked deep into my eyes and replied, “Yes, that must be it.” She felt ready to accept the Lord.

I could see the wave approaching land as it completely wiped out everything in its path. It felt surreal, like I was watching it on the news.

We waited for the rest of the devastation and the end of the world.

In a tin boat

This last dream opened with me crouching down in a small tin boat with a dozen other people.

Our little boat rode on top of each of those heaving waves. However, in the midst of the turmoil I did not feel afraid.

Although my boat mates’ faces showed terror, I actually enjoyed the turbulent waters and the howling winds.


Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

Kimberley Payne

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Author. Jesus Lover. Oma. Exercise & healthy eating are to the body what prayer & Bible study are to the spirit. https://www.kimberleypayne.com/free-programs



Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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