Janis Cox
Janis Cox
Jul 9 · 4 min read

For the past month, we have been in packing mode. Every day a few more boxes, decisions, phone calls — along with regular life.

Today we finalized the sale and bought a new home. However, our furniture and other belongings aren’t coming for a few days.

So we are in a type of limbo. Not quite there yet.

And as we waited for the deals to close today, I think I lost my brain along the way. Here are a few incidents.

How can I lose something that big?

My daughter has an Instant Pot. I use one as well. A few days ago I cooked chicken in it. Hubby washed the insert.

Today when I went to make sausages, the insert had disappeared. This is a large piece — you can’t hide it. I thought I looked everywhere. Hubby looked (well you know how men look …)

I finally decided to just let it go and let God handle it. I went back to the routine I had started when I realized the insert was missing. Suddenly in the peace that had come over me in giving it all to God — I thought, “I didn’t check the pot drawer.” Running upstairs, I opened that drawer.

And there it was. The lost was found.

Where is my cell phone?

In the past 4 days, I must have said that a zillion times. Today, of course — I couldn’t find it (and couldn’t even call myself as I didn’t have the sound on). Once again I said, “Okay, Lord, I am not going to fret. You will show it to me. I know.”

Two minutes later I looked at the couch where I had sat in the morning for my devotionals.

There is was — on the floor. Blue case. Visible. The lost was found.

Where do I live?

This one was ridiculous. I have written my new address and postal code many times.

Today, hubby asked me for the address and postal code. I wrote it down. Yes, I wrote it down. But I wrote the wrong address and the wrong postal code. Yes, I did.

The worst part was I didn’t figure this out until hubby had spent ages on the phone with one banking investment place and more time with a credit card company.

I spent the next 2 hours reversing the mistake!!

But God gave me humility and patience to deal with this. And laughter.

Confusion between spouses

For a couple that gets along pretty well, we have confused each other many times. I don’t understand his instructions. He doesn’t understand mine. And I am tired, and I get cranky when I am tired. It’s harder to be patient, humble and understanding.

I get in the way of myself.

I am praying that tomorrow rises on a brighter me and a more relaxed person. I need to apologize to hubby for about the sixth time today. I praise the Lord that both of us know this is a time of upheaval.

How do we get in?

As we try to figure out the layout of the new house — keys, doors, light switches — two-way switches, new locks, shed — we need to breathe and pray.

We started off with having trouble getting in the front door! We did get in. But he didn’t carry me over the threshold. I guess that’s okay as he never has done it before.

Personal photo

I haven’t even thought of furniture placement yet when the moving van gets here.

But I know God is right beside us. He is guiding us every step of the way.

Praying that my brain returns tomorrow.

May I pray for you and me?

Lord, I thank You that You are in every detail of our lives. I pray that You keep us from losing control or when we do, You bring us back to the centre. We are grateful You care about us. Thank You for this day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

Janis Cox

Written by

Janis Cox

Creativity Spiritual Catalyst. Author/Illustrator. Christ Follower. FB group for artists and writers. Free Bible Art Course. https://linktr.ee/janis_cox



Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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