The One who made me a living soul is the only one who can take care of my soul and spirit

Barbara Radisavljevic
May 28 · 4 min read
The clouds seem to go on forever around this oak tree,
© B. Radisavljevic

God is infinite. The sky only seems so

The sky is the closest I can get to seeing infinity. It goes on and on as far as the eye can see. When I look up I often feel I’m in the bottom of a bowl that has no top. The clouds spread out in every direction. I often photograph the sky through the large oak tree right across the street from my house. The top photo shows how the clouds just keep multiplying.

Light streaming through clouds,
© B. Radisavljevic

Even though the sky looks as if it will go on forever, we know it may end somewhere that only God knows.

Only God is infinite.

What He can do has no limits. It is He that made the sky, the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars and the galaxies that stretch beyond what even scientists can see through their telescopes. Yet the sun’s rays penetrate down to us on earth and cover us with light

…thy steadfast love is great to the heavens, thy faithfulness to the clouds., Psalm 57:10, RSV. Photo © B. Radisavljevic

The Bible tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God. How can we see a scene like this and not glorify God? Every day and every night he paints across the sky as though it is his canvas.

Why worship created things when you can worship the one who made them?

The Bible tells us in the first chapter of Romans that we can discover God in his creation. Through what God has made, we can perceive God’s invisible nature, his power, and glory. But since almost the beginning of time, people have often chosen to make gods of things God created, such as the sun and moon, instead. Some worship trees or even animals.

“To whom then will you liken God, or what likeness compare with him? An idol! A craftsman casts it, and a goldsmith overlays it with gold and casts for it silver chains. He who is too impoverished for an offering chooses wood that will not rot; he seeks out a skillful craftsman to set up an idol that will not move (Isaiah 40:18–20, ESV).”

Many parts of Isaiah show the futility of worshipping created things. Isaiah 44 9–20 shows us craftsmen making idols. They choose their materials carefully and use their tools skillfully.

A carpenter nurtures a select tree until it’s ready for him to use. After he cuts it down, he uses part of it to make a fire to keep him warm. He uses its coals to bake his bread. The rest of it he uses to make the image he falls down and worships. He prays to it for help in time of trouble. Such a man doesn’t stop to consider how ridiculous this is. Isaiah says in verse 20 that his deluded mind has led him astray.

Isn’t it strange to worship what God has created instead of worshiping God Himself?

It’s even stranger to worship something a man can make out of what God created. Because God has revealed Himself in nature, the Bible says we have no excuse for not recognizing Him as our Creator, worthy of worship.

Dark clouds can block out the sun. © B. Radisavljevic

Just as dark clouds sometimes fill the sky and block out the sun, sin and rebellion can fill our hearts, blocking thoughts of our Creator from our consciousness. Then we no longer seek His will and wisdom and we do what is right in our own eyes. That is the way to death and destruction.

Each of us chooses what or whom to worship. I choose to worship the Creator. Whom do you choose to worship?

lift up a song to Him who rides on the clouds…. Photo, © B. Radisavljevic

“Sing to God, sing praises to His name; lift up a song to Him who rides on the clouds; His name is the Lord, exult before Him (Psalm 68:4).”

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Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

Barbara Radisavljevic

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Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 54 years. Central Coast of California.



Stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.

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