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Koinos July Update

As of this sprint proof-of-burn, mana, and governance are all complete! We are now primarily working on optimizations and token claiming in preparation for a relaunch of the testnet!

As an open source project we value openness and transparency which is why we use a burn down chart to show all the work that we currently believe is required for completing the mainnet, how much of it has been completed, how much remains to be done, and then projects out into the future based on our past performance.

This Sprint

We made some great progress completing 21 points which is about double our target velocity. That’s why you can see the “actual” line dropping well below the “projected.”

Stories Added

Stories Completed:

The goal with this burn down is to give everyone, including ourselves, a deeper insight to the work we are doing so that they can better plan around Koinos development. But as you can see, there isn’t much work left to do on mainnet!

If you’d like to explore how you or your organization can take advantage of this unique opportunity, you can schedule a free consultation with the inventors of Koinos by visiting koinos.group!



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Andrew Levine

Andrew Levine

CEO of Koinos Group, Architects of Koinos