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Kolay İK
Kolay İK
Nov 25, 2018 · 5 min read

by Fırat Parlak, Product Manager at Kolay İK #kolayglobal

Introducing brand new branding

Today, we’re happy to announce our new branding along side with exciting new global product — Kolay. With this project our focus is to expand Turkey’s leading tech startup Kolay İK into new markets and in order to achieve that goal, we needed a major face lift before moving forward with our global strategy. Thus, we have partnered up with an Istanbul based design agency Creathive Studios. In this article, we explain our design thinking behind our new logo mark and how we are planning on scaling into new markets.

Why did we decide to rebrand?

Kolay İK was growing up and our identity needed to reflect this. We have been around for 3 years, and never had an opportunity to update our look. One of the main reasons was to have a new identity before launching our product for global. We understand the importance of being a brand and its impact on how our users perceive our product.

“With this rebranding project, it’s inevitable that we are going after a much bigger market.“

— Tunca Üçer, Head of Growth

New Global Destination

Welcome to the next chapter of Kolay İK. With our new branding, we’re also announcing the launch of for global market. As we’re keeping for Turkish market, we will be using as our launchpad to expand our reach. You can sign up now to schedule a demo to see our global products.

The design process

Our decision making process was pretty straightforward. Hire a talented team who has a lot of experience in this field. Therefore, the first step was to find the right agency. After months of delicate research, we have decided to go forward with Creathive Studios. With their branding process, they made sure we were in good hands.

Initial ideas were presented to us via pen and paper sketches. During these meetings we were able to discuss all the possible outcomes for our logo mark. After a few months of deliberate discussions, we were able to move forward with next steps for digitizing all the chosen concepts.

“We’ve already provided our product to over 1000 companies in Turkish Market with great support to automate their HR processes and want to spread this mission to all around the world.“

— Gizem Sevinç, Co-founder

Designing the mark

Simply, the current branding wasn’t doing the job, but most importantly the old logo mark was resembling ‘‘a standing man’’, this making the logo not unisex. Since most HR professionals are women, we needed to get away from a muscular look to better appeal for our industry. Therefore, we decided to drop ‘‘the man’’ in our logo mark. The new logo doesn’t feature a man or a woman.

“We see that the current tools for HR professionals lack the social aspect of the job. Since we already started to provide this need in Turkish market, why not help everyone around the world. We are trying to make not only HR but all departments to work together seamlessly.“

— Efecan Erdur, Co-founder


In order to be a global brand, you need to act like one. The comprehensive brand guideline documentation was created to ensure we cover every aspect of Kolay’s brand identity, and its future. For that reason our focus during this project was to produce a very detailed brand guideline book to ensure we obey to the quality of our brand. Below you can see some snapshots from our brand book.

Brand Colors

Our previous primary brand color was lacking the contrast and energy that we wish to reflect with our new brand identity. The new color stands between blue, which was the previous color and purple, an energetic and eye-catching combination that suits to Kolay.

“As we are now going global, our primary brand color is brighter and more energetic. It’s important that the brand identity reflects our ambition.”

— Can Aslan, UX Designer


Unifying all text used throughout our apps, marketing material and documentation was a big need. As a SaaS company, we wanted to go with a modern looking, geometric sans.

Brand scalability in mind

One of the main goals during this exercise was how do we launch future products for Kolay without sacrificing quality in our branding. Therefore, we ensure our look supported sub-products as we’re planning on launching our global strategy in global markets. Below you can see the sub-branding for just three of many products we currently offer for our users.


As we plan to expand our reach beyond Turkey, rebranding project gave us the direction and most importantly the confidence we need. We are very excited for what we can do to shape the future of many businesses in foreign markets. We understand the importance of the work we do and all the responsibilities it comes with. And as Kolay İK, we are excited for the difference we will make.

by Fırat Parlak, Product Manager at Kolay İK #kolayglobal

Kolay İK

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