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Principles of Decentralized Exchange Trading Systems

Anatomy of Kolektivo (Part 1 of 3)

What Alternatives Exist in the Real World?

Kolektivo is part of a growing counterculture that aims to uproot traditional economics and GDP to more closely align society with the natural world and its inherent limits.
  • Timebanking (e.g. Nimses): as the name suggests, these currencies are time based. Time spent contributing to the community is measured and used as a common yardstick of exchange. For example, if the value of an hour is set at 35 euros, a product sold at 35 euros will be equivalent to one hour of work.
  • Mutual Credit (e.g. Sardex in Sardinia): mutual credit systems pool the credit of a closed community. Each participant who enters the community starts with a balance of 0. If they purchase something, their account is debited (-) with an amount which is correspondingly added to the seller’s account (+). The entire community’s collective balance zeroes out in this way.
  • Complementary currencies (e.g. Sarafu Credit in Kenya): local currencies typically pegged in value to the national currency. Local Exchange Trading Systems are a type of institution that grow an ecosystem of available products and services and govern the complementary currency. These systems exist all around the world today.

And What About the “Virtual” World?

  • The media almost only focuses on Bitcoin, and does not consider all the other possible applications of blockchain.
  • DAOs are still very young, and many basic questions such as “what legal form does a DAO have?” remain generally unresolved.
  • A DAO faces similar issues than other organisations, e.g., it can be difficult for them to finance and bootstrap themselves.
  • The cryptosphere thus far is not very inclusive, mostly serving a limited set of users from the most privileged and capitalized groups.

Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds

Wireframe from the Kolektivo application. Impact is geospatial: it involves changing properties of the physical world in some well-defined area.

➡ Want to learn more? See the Kolektivo whitepaper.



Kolektivo enables local communities to create and manage their own regenerative economy to fuel prosperity

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