Kolibri v0.11 is here!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the release of Kolibri v0.11, available in Windows, Ubuntu/Debian and Linux/Mac.

Download the installer here.

New in v0.11

Kolibri v0.11 brings some exciting developments, such as offline content syncing, support for EPUB digital books and vital enhancements to lesson and exam creation — allowing for search and autosave for a more streamlined and optimized experience for coaches.

Peer-to-peer content syncing (to import content from one Kolibri to another — no Internet required!)

Other features include:

  • Support for GDPR compliance for Kolibri instances
  • Privacy information to help users and admins understand how their data is stored
  • Settings for enabling or disabling guest access
  • New error handling and reporting functionality

Here are a few more snapshots of the new features on v0.11:

An example of the EPUB format and its interactive features.
Search feature for an optimized lesson and exam creation experience


Kolibri v0.11 is available in English, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chewa, Farsi, French, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swahili, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba.

What’s next

Keep an eye out for exciting new features in future releases, including:

  • Enhanced, action-oriented Coach reports to aid differentiated instruction
  • A wider range of exercise question types
  • Local content uploading on Kolibri installations

Our thanks

We’d like to thank our partners and the open-source community for testing and reporting bugs, and our Kolibri interns who contributed important bug fixes to the v0.11 release to ensure a stable platform!

We also want to thank Manuel Locria, Dace Krutaine, and their team at Translators Without Borders for making Kolibri v0.11 available in Bengali, Chewa, Hindi, Swahili, Vietnamese, and Yoruba. Our gratitude also to the translators from Natakallam for their work on Farsi and Urdu, and to Devaki Kunte and her team at the Language Services Bureau for their work on Marathi and Telugu.

A special shout out goes to our friends Hiba Ibrahim and Stéphane Moutier for making Kolibri available in Arabic and French, respectively, and to the team at Education Without Backpacks for localizing Kolibri into Bulgarian. Thank you, guys!

Additional support

Learning Equality has created the Kolibri Edtech Toolkit, a customizable and adaptable set of resources to support understanding of use in a diverse set of contexts, including pedagogical and technical guidance for incorporating Kolibri into an educational program and creating effective learning environments.

Please note that the resources in our toolkit have not been updated to reflect v0.11 features yet.

Our previous Kolibri releases contain a variety of new and improved features, such as easy-to-use content import, support for right-to-left languages, and coach reporting tools. Please refer to our Release Notes for more details.

Contribute to the community!

See a bug? Don’t hesitate to file an issue on Github or send us feedback via the Community Forum.

Want to see your language available in Kolibri? Please contact us at i18nteam@learningequality.org.

Already using Kolibri? Share your story with us via the Community Forums or send us an email at info@learningequality.org.