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Atomic Swap Lightning Networks In Sight

A Call For Atomic Swap Industry Standards in Blockchain

  • Atomic Swap exchanges — cross blockchain trustless p2p trades. On chain transactions
  • Semi Decentralized — third-party short term custodianship, such as Shapeshift and Changely.
  • Fully centralized crypto banks like — Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc.
  • Peer to Peer, escrowed, semi decentralized exchanges. These are often crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto, they often use multisignature arrangements to protect against one party running away with the other’s money — LocalBitcoins, Bisq.
  • Silo DEXes. These are on-chain, token to token to base utility token— exchanges like EtherDelta, Bitcoin’s DEX built by Counterparty, among others. Silo DEXes live inside blockchains and so benefit from there distributed networks and network effects. However, they are currently mostly isolated from other networks and unable to talk to other Silo DEXes or Atomic Swap networks, hence why they are Silos.



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