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Epic Ride Weather & Komoot

With the integration of Komoot within the Epic Ride Weather app, users are now able to avail of personalised weather forecasting on their planned routes.

The integration is built with

  1. Komoot Profile Connect to pull routes planned with Komoot to the Epic Ride Weather app.
  2. Komoot Deep Links to directly open the route just checked with Epic Ride Weather app again in the Komoot app to either start navigation or adapt due to bad (or good) weather.

Here you find further examples listed (link)

  1. The user connects her Komoot account with Epic Ride Weather
  2. All planned routes as well as done activities are shown
  3. The user selects a date and time for the forecast
  4. A detailed forecast is given including the personalised fitness used for route planning with Komoot

Personalised Planning

Epic Ride Weather gives a detailed weather forecast along the planned route. Komoot routes calculate your speed and your time at a special location of your route according to your personal fitness. Epic Ride Weather takes this data into account and gives you the most accurate and personalised forecast you can imagine. With Komoot, the forecast adapts to your fitness.

True Mobile Experience

Komoot gives you the most advanced route planner mobile. No matter if you are sitting on your sofa at home, already on the go or actually currently traveling, you plan your route on Android and iPhone. Epic Ride Weather is also available on Android and iPhone and directly integrates Komoot. The user easily switches between the apps. No matter where you are, you plan the most detailed just with your mobile.



Komoot is an app that lets you find, plan, and share adventures with the easy route planner. Driven by a desire to explore, and powered by the outdoor community’s recommendations, it’s komoot’s mission to inspire great adventures, making them accessible to all.

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